A Thyme to Celebrate

We are homing in on our finals weeks of fond farewells to a season and to our beloved teachers. We hail them with undying gratitude for carrying us forward and steering us to another summer where days are void of schedules and serendipity is ever so sweet. Did someone say summer where time is elastic, breakfast is late and lunch is even later (and not because I have thoroughly tidied up in between meals.) Oh dear am I still in my PJ’s? Do I plod to my closet to pull out a pair of pants to take the clan on a hike? There may be whining if I attempt to prearrange something. Unscheduled time for play is limited until now…I may not rock the boat with plans immediately.I’ll enjoy my dirty carefree boys of summer and this year a disheveled feral animal, baby bear, will join in on the gamboling. Don’t worry they’ll be experiments in the kitchen; I do have a trick or two up my sleeves I wanted to share. I recently learned this simple yet time saving technique with thyme.

So if you had any reservations about using fresh thyme in a recipe because you didn’t want to painstakingly pull apart each minuscule leaf, you will rejoice now when you effortlessly pull the strand through a mini sieve and watch the leaves detach. Dried thyme doesn’t even come close to this vibrant good stuff…it’s aroma makes you want to roll around in it. Aesthetically it adds a funky texture to your space in the garden or in the nest. I especially love to see it because it reminds me of baby bear’s hair—many tiny,craggily and curvy strands eagerly growing in every direction. And for my second trick…I will show you how to be an expert avocado selector.Simply remove the knob off the avocado; if you see yellow the fruit is not ripe, green is just right and brown is over ripe. I do hope you get a few days this summer to hang out in PJ’s in your nest until late afternoon while using some thyme in perhaps your four cheese grilled cheese sandwich with a few slices of just right avocados. (Although our food processor broke so I will have to find another trick for blending the herbs and cheeses for the grilled cheese.) Happy frolicking this summer…may we all enjoy the great outdoors whenever we feel like it!

13 thoughts on “A Thyme to Celebrate

  1. Brilliant way to prepare thyme! I grow it in my garden, but I don’t use it very much. For some reason I have just never been in tune with it. I’ll need to think about changing that! Enjoy every minute of summer with the boys, and your little one in tow. I think there’s something wonderful about the freedom after all the months of sticking so close to the calendar and the clock. I am still not regularly receiving notification when you post, Cristina. I cannot figure out what the problem is! I will have to do some more investigation. A blogging mystery!

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    • I didn’t realize you still were having problems receiving my posts. I will also do some investigating as well. I thank you tremendously for reaching out to read them, it means a lot to me! I hope you enjoy the trick with thyme try some in your kombucha or if you drink happy juice (alcoholic) it’s a nice surprise, too.


    • Hi Debra, I have done some investigating and found out that you should be receiving my posts according to a wp automattician. It’s likely the email either got lost in your inbox (may have gotten a lot of email that day) or perhaps in a different folder like their Spam or Social folder. He suggested that if you still have trouble to try running a search of your emails for the title of your most recent posts – including the spam or junk folders. My most recent is Fish Killers as of 7/9/16. Also another one of my followers had an issue with how he has adjusted his subscription settings in a way that prevents the emails from being delivered (this may have been done accidentally, I hope!) The best thing in this instance is to visit subscribe.wordpress.com and update the settings. Check the Settings tab on that page and check emails are not set to be blocked 🙂 He said this wasn’t the case with yours but I thought it maybe helpful to know about.


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