Sheepishly Adorned

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. I can say the same about baby bear, her omnipresent smile reminds me that life is rich and beauty is everywhere. When her brothers make her gush out with laughter…it is the sweetest warble ever heard and even better it’s contagious. We have been fancying our free time our first day of summer probably the most appealing day of all and have been feeling sanctified wallowing away time in our nest. We are surrounded by nature with all her bounty and purity and this no doubt helps lift our hearts in our exalted place. Naturally we have created a few cozy nooks near the window where we sit fanciful and chill.

The little woven chair bequeathed to us by a dear friend is baby bears favorite with or without the sheep throw. She prefers to toss the throw and the pillow at her feet and sit like a big girl in her refurbished seat.While sitting, she peruses her book rather quickly, closes the book and claps triumphantly while grinning sheepishly. Other times she plops down with her beverage, she prefers kombucha over milk (unless it’s mine of course.)

I removed the wickerwork on the legs and instead chose to paint it black and add the animal print tape to finish them off. The sheepskin is dyed by yours truly as well. As for thislimited addition seat, well it was a hit instantly. I wasn’t keen about the other chair we had in our bedroom and I still dream about those hanging chairs

, so when I saw this

and the price was right, well it just had to come home with me. No artistic intervention with this one just plunked another sheep skin on it and voilà two little bears sit there giggling away, resonating hope, joy and celebration for us all. Embrace the art of making your nest a bit more beautiful by simply adding layers. Sheepskin works for us even now where we enjoy afternoon summer breezes from the Pacific. If you’re looking to change the mood in your nest and nature isn’t so prevalent then pay special attention to details and maybe forage a few of nature’s beauties in the wild to welcome into your nest. Happy foraging.

*LWD worn by baby bear is from H&M as well as basket with tassels. 20160604_173617[1] 20160604_173651[1] 20160604_173650[1]

14 thoughts on “Sheepishly Adorned

  1. It looks like you have an amazing view – one I could image gazing in to for hours. Baby bear is just so adorable and sounds like she knows her mind already! By the way we have a very similar chair to that black wicker one – nearly bought the identical one but went for the two seater version and love it. Simple design always wins for me.

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    • Amazing view and the ocean acts like an air conditioner so mostly cool fresh breezes here. The chair sits little bears comfortably but I like the idea of having a bigger one for the outdoor space. Enjoy yours!

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  2. Your nest is so inviting! I’d love to sit and read in that wonderful chair with all that glorious sunshine! I’m sitting here tonight with a wonderful glass of kombucha…and I can’t believe Baby Bear likes it more than milk. Already a sophisticated palate! 🙂

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    • Cheers to you Debra! I started drinking it when I was pregnant since I was craving something refreshing and effervescent without alcohol and without sugar. Honestly, she wants to drink whatever we drink and we never drink milk so she gets her vitamin D drops.


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