Swept Off Our Feet

Apr2016-6305Even approaching the end of the blooming season these fields swept us off our feet and inspired baby bear to take over the lens. Flower Fields 2Flower Fields 12Flower Fields 10While one of her favorite pastimes is to chase birds in flight, the camera has to be a close runner up. Flower Fields 24Flower Fields 16Flower Fields 23Flower Fields 33 Flower Fields 52 Flower Fields 37 Flower Fields 34Flower Fields 15 These fields may even be worth seeing when the petals first burst open with their boastful colors that can be seen from the much-traveled highway; I thought we may be better off not being crushed by the mob of floraphiles by postponing the visit toward the end of their bloom.Flower Fields 44Despite missing their peak bloom they were photogenic enough and full of hope—their open petals still welcoming the birds and the bees to feast on their pollen. Baby bear remained vigilant and confident in her new interest with the device that most often captures her adventures. She sees me tinkering with it, why not me she thinks. It has become perfunctory now whenever she sees me pull it out, she makes a dash for it. At least she prefers to wear the strap so that may save the delicate device from smashing to bits, but it also doesn’t have far to fall from at her height. I let her explore with her new curiosity; I hope one day I don’t regret it.

I’m hopeful that without my intervention this little-artist-in-the-making may see new developments from her perspective and create something magnificent just as the army of florals we witnessed.And just as the momentum of summer is swelling, and every day is a new day that generates ample sun and new adventures for us to photograph, we can only hope to be swept off our feet even more. What adventures will you delve into this summer?

Flower Fields 70 Flower Fields 67 Flower Fields 66 Flower Fields 65 Flower Fields 64 Flower Fields 61Flower Fields 62Flower Fields 63*Earrings and two-toned sunglasses from H&M. Baby bear’s shoes also from H&M. Flower Fields 56Flower Fields 54

26 thoughts on “Swept Off Our Feet

  1. I’ve been to the wonderful ranunculus fields, but it’s been awhile. I had hoped to go this year and we just ran out of time…and then here you are, going later, smart! I never even considered that. I’m retiring soon so we can go next spring and I can avoid the weekend crowd. 🙂 Your photos of Baby Bear are just so great, Cristina. You honestly could show these in a public exhibit. She outshines the gorgeous flowers!


    • You are so sweet, thank you as always for your kind words. Yes, no need for fresh flowers in our nest with her around, we agree! I do hope you get a chance to see them again and can’t wait to hear about your next adventures!


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