Some days

your feet are not planted on the ground; some days they dangle in mid-air without the encumbered responsibility of transporting you from one place to another. Ahhh…the swing, an invention we take for granted, if only we had access to this subdued activity daily. Whether soaring alone or among others, the steady motion leaves you faltering into a spiritual reflection. Joyfully drowsy, unwary and disconnected…breathing in the crisp air that the new season brings and growing euphoric as the spectacular leaves blur in the distance. Does it get better than this kind of soaring? Before you know it the sun is down and your nest is a long way off. I’ve been delving into free hanging items lately and these rattan are on my wish list. I think they should be ubiquitous in everyone’s nest and if they did make their way into my nest, I most certainly wouldn’t take them for granted. Happy Swinging!

7 thoughts on “Some days

  1. It’s been years since I’ve been on a swing. I used to spend hours on them as a girl. I haven’t been on one since my boys were young. Maybe I need to remedy that soon! Well, maybe come spring. It’s starting to get a bit chilly. 😉


  2. Oh what fun! Such a precious smile and she is going to love swings just like her mama! I haven’t been on a swing in entirely too long! Something to think about for the new year. 🙂


    • Yes something so carefree about the swing, although they do occasionally make me dizzy…Something I don’t recall ever feeling as a child. Do have your grandchildren push you for a change on the swing, I bet you’ll get a few laughs! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year Debra!


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