Learning Requires Willingness

I see it in middle bear and oldest bear’s eyes while face to face with their opponents on the mat. Even when their eyes sink heavy to the ground and reach a humbling point, a subdued learning yet never a forgotten lesson, the willingness stills but not for long. It is during this downcast, where the fragments are played and replayed in their minds for they will not remake history on the mat again. Baby bear’s vigor is comparable.Her eyes bright and wide-opened curiously searching and a whole lot of will from her heart to learn about her surroundings and the people in her life and ain’t nobody stopping her. In addition to willingness, learning also requires passion, something Annmarie knows a thing or two about. Her quest to create a pure, natural and organic line, Annmarie Skin Care, to have better control of the production and quality of her products would never have occurred without the willingness to learn or the passion of her team.

I received the tinctures in the mail one recent afternoon and brought them into my nest thrilled to have been sent such a delightful gift. I opened the envelope at my desk where a pile of books, a burnt-down candle and a cup of coffee had recently occupied my attention and immediately the scent encompassed my space. The aromatic envelop still guards my office space; the sweet and spicy-smelling aroma grounds me into my seat and helps me focus on the task at hand. Skin care and perfume are a personal matter, once you find what you have been searching for it’s not easy letting go. Annmarie Skin Care had me hooked originally here and here. I have stopped wearing perfume for years now, I didn’t care for any additional endocrine disruptors to the system, at least any that I can control. These new tinctures of pure essential oil parfum blend have now filled that void.Today I’m feeling the love, but calm and vibrance are in the running as well. While grounded and passion are not in the cards today, who knows what scent I may feel like tomorrow. Beyond the thrill of being able to dab a couple of drops onto my wrist, the subtle scents are also beneficial when added to your favorite oil or for use in an essential oil diffuser. A skin refresher that can also attend the needs of your skin and your nest…adios that weren forboden old eau de toilette! My tinctures arrived with an Ease Your Mind card to reinforce the scent with the written words and a serene image. Are you feeling honest, wild and beautiful? Try a healthy and effective product and see for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Learning Requires Willingness

  1. This is really interesting. I have been experimenting with essential oils and finding the possibilities quite endless! I realize how little I know, but I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn something new!


    • Super and exciting that your taking the time to explore essential oils. I think the scent of a pure oil is more tolerable to the senses. Do keep me posted on anything intriguing that you discover about them.


      • My daughter is a nurse and is really doing the research and sharing it with me. She is completely convinced that the essential oils are the way to go in supporting the girls’ immunity and health and has even been helping my mom use some specific oils to assist with my dad’s Parkinson’s symptoms. I don’t yet understand, I don’t think, but I really open, and hope to learn more and use more liberally. I am sure if I had a young family today I would be doing all I could to minimize chemical exposure. When I was raising my family this wasn’t even a thought! I really enjoy hearing how you make such deliberate choices to not just protect the children (and yourself) now, but it’s about their future. ox


      • How fascinating…I hope your family will reap the benefits of her research. I think it’s not only important to keep an open mind but to be aware of ingredients and research on your own because big companies are not looking out for your health just their bottom line. Be well my friend!


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