In flux, In motion,

in the middle of doing, learning and creating because every little thing matters. We go through changes in moods and interests in our nest particularly with little bear. Currently she tends to abandon her safe zone of appropriate toys and darts over to this corner of the nest. This preferred adventure makes for an ever-cautious and out-of-reach rearrangements in the nest.

“Don’t ruin her moment; she’s in the zone,” says older bear when something grabs her attention. True her world tends to be busy and focused on all details in our nest including these little black glass stones. Sparkly indeed they catch her eye even before the prickly orange cactus.

While I have plunked a lot of items like these temporarily (I’m guessing until 36 months) well above her eye-level, today I let down my guard for her to explore these forbidden stones while documenting her latest fascination. Enjoy baby bear, you won’t find them back in this corner again…bare and unadorned it will become. She gravitates to this corner of the nest, well at least I can’t take away her view.

This will also be the corner where the tree rests for a few weeks out of the year, although I’m guessing just about a week before we all get tired of luring her away from it. Any curious little minds in your nest that have warranted some aiding and abetting or reshuffling of items.

8 thoughts on “In flux, In motion,

  1. A beautiful baby AND a view like that! Bonanza! 🙂 How great you let her just explore a little bit even when the items aren’t exactly age appropriate. Under supervision this is such a happy little preoccupation. She really is just gorgeous! And like others have noted, just growing so fast. Time passes so quickly! *sigh*


    • Thank you! She loves those rocks and I am amazed at her fine motor skills already and her curiosity…trying to see the world through her eyes, it just feels lighter. She rely loves non-toy items, I have to be on my toes!

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