Too Much of A Good Thing

Is there such a thing? At almost 7:30 pm, sunlight; it did take some getting used to waking up an extra hour earlier to enjoy a little more play before supper. In an opaque tiny vile, an elixir for the face that feels like pure indulgence when applied after a misty shower. Somewhere between cleansing and moisturizing, dab this Probiotic Serum with Tremella onto your face and décolleté. No need to lay it on with a heavy hand; think more like dewdrops onto your fingertips. Tap staccato-like onto your skin in the am to awaken your senses or legato-like in the pm to help you unwind and settle into the night. Baby bear enjoys this revitalization ritual with me and I especially love when she puckers up and pecks me with kisses after I apply…too much of a good thing indeed. I’m not worried one bit since this Bio Facial Elixir is made with organically grown and wild-crafted ingredients. The cadre at Annmarie Skin Care sees that there is a connection between your cells and your soul, between mother nature and your soul, as a result your skin benefits from cold-pressed oils and nutrient-steeped plant-life from the wild.Under nose and shut eyelids, a scent of a secretive confir forest emerges from childhood days. Under canopied evergreen leaves, wet with fresh summer rain, we trot. Beside tree trunks, spongy mushrooms unearth from that enchanting place of play until sunset. On scabby knees and canvas tennis shoes, dried mud forms as we dined around a simple table. All of us out at play, marked with bright and glowing skin. This Probiotic Serum with Tremella is the closest thing to spirited summer play I have come across to re-hydrate and restore my face this time of year where I’m desperate for a little humidity to plump up my ever-thirsty cheeks. Honest. Wild. Beautiful. Expectation fulfilled even in the tiniest of apothecary bottle.I have used this product for about two weeks now and caress my face every morning in admiration…my jowls feel as soft and supple as baby bear’s cheeks. If you live anywhere like me, even now in the homestretch of the dismal season, we all could use a little dose of facial flora from a magical forest.If a whole variety of oils, leaves and extracts blooming from the enchanted forest of your childhood appeal to you then may I recommend Annmarie Skin Care as your (magical pixie) skin care resource. If you’re as ambivalent as me about the beauty industry and its mighty claims and skeptical about ingredients, fear no more. Thanks to consumers who demand more honesty, many wiser choices are out there. Forever grateful to have discovered Annmarie and her team who take ownership of their company and in the process adds more beauty with their well-sourced ingredients and to the world we all share. No shortcuts, no oversights simply made with the greatest of intentions. 
I have discovered that facial oils and serums revive my senses and this mushroom-steeped formula certainly takes me back to my trekking days of loamy soils where I was able to escape the ordinary. It’s no surprise I’m attracted to earthy essences and even concoct my own from my kitchen cupboard at times when I’m in need of a remedy for what’s ailing me. However, while I dabble, I know very little of botanical wizardry and while baby bear seems to be just as entranced, I’m leaving the wild-crafting to Annmarie Skin Care because by gosh their latest remedy is unlike anything else—it’s live.
This tonic is packed with probiotic rich foods and powerhouse antioxidants from herbs and leaves hand-selected from Mother Earth. In lieu of additives and fillers that many pharmaceutical factories use, Annmarie Skin Care infuses their products in base oils for a natural preservation and in this Bio Facial Elixir, an aloe-herb infusion that could be used on the most sensitive of skins. If I have your attention and you are interested in learning more about this probiotic-based wizardry, enjoy this read. While this item was sent to my nest for a suggested review, the sentiments and opinions are mine. A few kind words for those who care a whole lot about optimal health is the least gratitude I can display here in my space. I fell for the aromatic tincture and I hope you might too. Celebrate some radiance with me and whatever your soul is lusting for with this serum that is teeming with life. Dare to wander about a steamy summer afternoon play in the forest. In case you feel compelled for more of my opinions on Annmarie Skin Care…Learning Requires Willingness, A Tincture of GoodnessMore Than You Like to Think.

13 thoughts on “Too Much of A Good Thing

  1. ‘my jowls feel as soft and supple as baby bear’s cheeks”–Tough to beat that! Sounds like a wonderful product. Speaking of, I went to my PO Box and there was the Clipa waiting for me. Thank you so much! I will surely use it a lot.

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    • Your right it doesn’t get more soft and supple than hers, but put the right stuff on and it can get close to it. I’m constantly moisturizing these days. Glad to hear your Clipa made it safely…enjoy!

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    • Yes, you are fortunate to have that ocean mist for some additional help…I can’t believe I am wishing for some balmy weather but this dry-forced air is brutal on the epidermis. Thank you always for your sweet thoughts about my space.


    • I am so touched by your kind words and happy to share what is inspiring to us in our nest. Baby bear doesn’t miss a beat, she’s always intrigued with whatever I’m doing and I never know what I’m going to capture.


  2. With the dry Colorado weather serums are always what my skin care lady wants to use, unfortunately my skin doesn’t seem to do well with them. I wish i could use them and have your little bear’s skin, if only for a day. Lovely pictures, as always!

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    • Thank you Debra. There is something magical when an item from your cupboard, countertop or patch of dirt can soothe dry skin, used lemons that smooth hands and elbows, aloe to soothe agitated skin and honey to clean a purify the face. I love how the Tremella elixir reminds me of childhood afternoon days playing in between trees, the high-quality ingredients are something I can’t replicate from my nest. Hope you are able to create and enjoy some magical elixirs.

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      • You really do your research and I appreciate how you share. Among your MANY offerings, we now eat curried fried eggs. My granddaughter and I both are somewhat addicted. That came from you. LOL! Hugs!

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      • It’s my pleasure to share Debra. How lovely for you to create with your granddaughter in the kitchen…it’s not a bad thing to be addicted to…happy frying!


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