Giveaway+ You Put Something in Your Mouth

and your ears open.” This was uttered by a local man in an eatery in South Africa. I did not have the pleasure of sitting with him, but Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s Parts Unknown, was present. There’s a thought for leaders of the world to abide by. Now if they could just master their darker urges, their desperado ways and turn the forces within them to simply gorge on some grub while on encounters and summits, well just maybe the get-togethers can be promising for the greater good.Eating and listen is time well spent with a friend, a colleague, why not a world leader? Sitting across from another chief with only some water in-between surely will attest to a whole lot of bravado…listening is refutable. Could food really create the vantage point to save humanity and all its woes. Ahh…a longing for another place seemingly imaginary yet vivid through spirited wishes. Bourdain showed a compelling glimpse into one of the most complicated and confusing places in the world and the comment the local gentleman made still rings in my ear, “Food is a way to engage.” Can all the nations’ transgressions be a thing of the past as its leaders become enthralled with a platter of cheese? On a lighter note, what about women of authority, what do they do with their pocketbooks in such affairs? Do they have assistants that hold them, do they even need pocketbooks? Of course, they do, right? What would I do without my salve and my tin of cacao butter when cheeks, hands and other bits exposed to the elements or when my ever-drying corners of my eyes and mouth demand more attention than usual?

My sun glass case, identification, keys, toys to occupy baby bear and her extra pair of…well you get it, they’re stuff that I need at my side. My trusty Clipa keeps my purse off the grimy floor and in my site when I am chowing at a restaurant—so that I can focus on my epicurean experience and sharpen my listening skills with whomever I am sharing a meal with. Happy feasting to all, especially to those in command. Please leave a comment below with your choice provisions you would be sure to offer a fellow listener across the table from you? If you currently are in possession of a Clipa, try out a new version; it’s shockingly light weight. The one pictured is 1276 Black and is the one that could be yours. Please make comments right after reading this so that I can mail this out to you by March 31st. This contest is opened for four days and to U.S. residents only, however, Clipa ships to non-US residents so you may want to venture to their site. This instant bag hanger doubles as a bracelet and makes a great gift too. Happy Hanging!

19 thoughts on “Giveaway+ You Put Something in Your Mouth

  1. Hmm… Choice of provisions I would offer… All I can think of right now is ice cream. Someone brought some over last night, FOUR different kinds, and I would’ve tried THEM ALL, but my baby has developed a sudden milk allergy, so I have to be careful what I eat. It’s painful. I’d watch my guest enjoy and live vicariously through him/her. 🙂

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  2. I’ve never heard of a Clipa. Very practical!

    As for the provisions I’d want, I’m not sure, but hot tea would definitely fit in there somewhere. I love going to my book club and enjoying hot tea with every one as we discuss our latest read.

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  3. I was the happy recipient of one of another one of your Clipa giveaways some time ago. It is a wonderful device! I had to laugh thinking of our female world leaders and recognizing that I never see them with any handbags, but I agree with you, that’s just impossible. Ha! They must have an assistant carrying one behind them at all times. I could do without my phone for a while, but I grab my phone and pull up my Kindle app to read whenever I’m stuck somewhere “in between.” World leaders probably don’t have a lot of down time for reading, so they don’t need to carry reading material! 🙂

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    • I hope you are enjoying your Clipa Debra as much as I do. I just can’t bear to have my purse on the floor even in my nest so it’s quite a handy device. As for female world leaders without handbags and little down time, they must have the best of both worlds where assistants can not only read them what they want while they shut their eyes, but get mini massages at the same time.

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