It’s On…

Pressure that is. A cackling persistent request for more cake by a rowdy dozen or so girls…how can I not make their wish my command. But at first a check in with myself. You got this, it’s your signature cake, … Continue reading

Chilled, Not Stirred

Chilled, Not Stirred

What’s in the fridge series? Is it a series if this is merely the second post? You gotta start with one, two has arrived with this square even if the first didn’t mention a sequel and soon enough there may … Continue reading

Kalamata Bound

Kalamata Bound

The young lad checking me out at Aldi said, “I like your style,” I looked at him with the register between us, my head cocked as if to say what style? I look like a flavored marshmallow as usual with … Continue reading

I Bet I Can Make You Love Me.

I Bet I Can Make You Love Me.

Best. Pie. Ever.Prove me wrong.I dare you.

A Messy Entanglement

While the chosen ones strut about in their body objectifying gowns claiming poverty and injustice, I’m keeping it real at home with feeding my prospective threesome, the hope for the future, with nourishment enriched with mama’s love.  I’ve got one … Continue reading

Spirits In the Material World

Spirits In the Material World

It’s a challenge these days to get lit up when the level of biophoton emissions of food is void due to ahrimanic beings roaming this planet. It’s even more strenuous on our bodies to feel grounded and recharge from the … Continue reading

Giveaway+ You Put Something in Your Mouth

and your ears open.” This was uttered by a local man in an eatery in South Africa. I did not have the pleasure of sitting with him, but Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s Parts Unknown, was present. There’s a thought … Continue reading

A Dash of Luck in The Galley

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There has been lots of cheer and merry making in our nest, thanks to a certain visit from someone in a fuzzy red suit. We look forward to this time of year, a break from it all without plans only … Continue reading

It doesn’t have to be perfect to feel like a celebration.

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Make it casual, make it small, make it last minute—it really doesn’t matter, what counts is that you create with fresh food and fondness. Whipping up a menu for a much-anticipated chef’s party commences early morning by tasting all the … Continue reading

Ready or Not…

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…Here Comes June. Happy first of the month! Not just any month… it’s the long -awaited- here-at-last-start-of-the-summer month! And even though pomegranates in this hemisphere are not quite ripe until the end of the summer their fiery red flowers are … Continue reading