A Dash of Luck in The Galley

There has been lots of cheer and merry making in our nest, thanks to a certain visit from someone in a fuzzy red suit. We look forward to this time of year, a break from it all without plans only spontaneous play. And just as soon as it starts, it’s time to ease back into reality except for one of us. Baby Bear is loving her kitchenette and I am loving adding details for her to explore. Wiping down the counters with an engraved llama tea towel conjures up more verve and measuring with a Matryoshka doll is certainly thrilling. Although I don’t think she cares a whole lot for all my final touches since everything seems to end up strewn all over the floor.

While it remains rumbled most of the day, we tidy up together just before she lays her head to rest. Watching her mix and stir, and mimicking what I do is beautiful to behold. I hope this little bear is inspired to be imaginative in her kitchen and nourish her senses with wholesome food just as we have been introducing to her.

While she hankers in her new galley, it gives me a few more minutes to spare in mine to de-grease the stove, deep clean the sink or even to create a few more morsels for us to snack. So far it has deterred her from her mischievous enterprises of exploring items in the nest, even the most tantalizing ones. She stacks cups but prefers disassembling everything. As another distraction, I transformed spice canisters into shakers. In order to invite good luck into our new year, I added lucky ingredients of black eye peas and lentils into the tins.The inspiration for this colorful little nook was tendered by older bears’ artworks—lively, playful and no downtime in this space.

What about you, have you changed things up in your nest for the New Year? Add details to whatever mood you desire and watch your nest transform.

15 thoughts on “A Dash of Luck in The Galley

  1. What a wonderful kitchen set. I had one for my boys when they were little–just a plastic one–but they loved it. The way they played with it, I expected them to want to learn how to cook when they were older. But unfortunately as teenagers the only thing they want to do in the kitchen is eat!


  2. You really captured how intent and focused she is on her kitchen creations. I think you’re going to have so much fun with her when she can actually stand by you in the kitchen and learn directly. I so admire the way you make a priority out of healthy snacks and choices, and you create a sense of tranquility in your nest with every detail. It shows in the photos and your storytelling. My new year project is taking a small corner and dedicating it to my sewing machine and fabric collection—quite a collection—and I have some creative ideas that haven’t been tapped in years! I am painting a small cabinet and doing what I can to make it inviting and something that doesn’t always get put away. For me, that’s the big thing. Once it’s out of sight, I just don’t prioritize, and I’m really feeling the creative push!


    • Thank you Debra for such sweet and inspiring words, I am touched! Best of luck with your project, once you get the ball rolling I bet your ideas will give you the momentum to push through and see it to the end and then you can really enjoy being in your sewing & fabric nook. Happy prioritizing!


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