The Much Anticipated and Robust Niño

El Niño that is. It certainly throws a wrench into plans around these sunny parts of the woods, yet the unexpected can do us good.
In addition to the much needed moisture we are thirsting for it jumbles up our lives in a positive way, well at least it does mine. For me the steady rhythm of the raindrops hitting the rooftop reminds me not to flutter or flurry about aimlessly. Be steady. One thing, then another with purpose. Indoors we remain and I have taken upon another re-purposing task. I will need the help of a skilled craft person for it, however, first things first. Sanding, cleaning, staining and maybe start from the top if the outcome doesn’t meet my expectations. But for now one thing, then the other…steady with the beat of the pitter-patter from above. My wrist flicks to the unexpected beat during a batch of the thunderstorm, however, this semi-regular event is cyclical in an irregular but predictable way.

Intermittent yet persistent rays burst through the billowing clouds. It’s during this cycle I gaze in reverence.

They are so inviting and oh so dreamy…the load on my shoulders lighten and I can’t keep my eyes off the soft grey pillows above. Just as the warmer Pacific churns up the wind, I too am transferring my energies…it will be a busy time inside the nest. Praise be the faint and exquisite gift that falls from the heavens that inspires me to create. Praise be El Niño for its torqued jet-stream energies and the thirst-quenching winter rain it delivers to these parched lands. When the drops come to an end and are replaced with the mellifluous voices of children playing outdoors again my furtive and unidirectional assignment may wrap up as well. I too will be relentlessly curious to survey the changes in the gardens, hillsides and shores, I too will return to my list of to-do’s…it’s just the way life is.

12 thoughts on “The Much Anticipated and Robust Niño

    • Thanks. Yes I agree, however, we need it in increments the last rain caused a nearby road to collapse into a sink hole, yikes! It is exciting to see so much moisture on the foliage for a change. Enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. I love your photos, Cristina. I am as enamored with the rain as you are, and hoping this weekend we get some more of that blessed precipitation. I am eager to hear more about this project. 🙂 I look forward to spring planting if I can finally property amend my soil. It’s been badly stressed! Let’s hope we see much more of Mr. El Niño. 🙂

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    • Thank you Debra and yes it’s raining again! I have had a lot of distractions and obligations, but I intend to get back to my project this week. Wishing you the best with your spring planting and the amending of your soil.


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