A Desolate Road

No one can relate.

Another day on Wall Street has passed, eclipsed by the usual lurking shadow that haunts the hallways instead of rousing company spirit. It pierces a stake right through the hearts of the proud and honest working people. It’s quite a troubling scene. Some people live in perpetual crisis, some live off other people’s crisis and others address the unstable feelings, no doubt a reflection of certain areas of one’s life that call for a little extra attention, and work through it.

I wonder about this  Captain Nothing [  https://thefolia.com/2015/08/16/bad-guys/   ] his culture and how he was raised. Was he ever kind and understanding to others…to himself? More interestingly, did others in his daily life have compassion and understanding for him. What events led to his repressed feeling of repugnance and inconsideration. Whatever or whoever has shaped him has left him with a stiff jaw, bloated gut and retrained-looking eyes. Unfortunately for people in his path, they are skeptical of their impervious “leadership” and their faces often burdened by such insensitiveness. No one feels secure and their hope of everything will eventually be all right like my fellow Hellenes often say…“and this will pass” doesn’t have much weight with Papa Bear. From a young age he has lived another day for another fight. A fight for his intelligence, a fight for his existence. How many other cultures similar to the Greek perspective of life take for granted such an unfavorable reality a person of color must face daily?

Willing to achieve a balanced life.

Weekend activities place Papa Bear in present moment, where he detoxifies his thoughts of his desolate road on Wall Street [  https://thefolia.com/2015/01/23/shark-tank/  ] where he works through darkness alone. A minority in this path is a rarity and when one is a budding Superhero as he is, well then those that are above him with less competence start deprecating his character and his actions. The process escalated into an unfaltering witch hunt which only culminates into a chronic, systemic problem for the company as all the powers to be continue to waggishly ignore and suppress the roguish behavior—things will not ameliorate.

The negative feelings dissipate and he is able to re-direct his thinking that can often bring anxiety, worry and distraction into one’s life. He is so loved by all his little bears and his unconditional love for them is inspiring enough that he continues to encourage better decision-making day after day. He inspires me because I don’t know if I would be strong enough to unleash the jarring feelings and muster up any far-flung courage to face Captain Nothing day after day without allowing it to debilitate me. He has taught me as much as we want certain things to happen or certain events to awake and materialize, we need to be more patient and grow more resilient. So while walls of his office can tell a story…many stories, nothing just happens.

Great Expectations.

There’s a certain amount of competency one might expect from a person of power—a prestige worthy being and one that comfortably connects to the individuals that work diligently to make a better office environment. Look around your environment…are there thought patterns or attachments to negative feelings that influence your physical chemistry? Do your thoughts mirror the Greeks that say everything will be better in the summer? While we cannot control everything in our day to day lives, we can control much more than we realize. Although Papa Bear has the wind against him most of the time he doesn’t let it invade his thoughts or poison his potential happiness. He is realistic, he knows he cannot change how people think of him but at the same time he will not be deterred by ignorance and most certainly will stand up firmly for his rights.

“Until you let go of all the toxic people in your life, you will never grow into your fullest potential. Let them go so you can grow.” – Anonymous

Oxnard, CA 52Oxnard, CA 57

How will you grow?

I’m working on growth and fulfillment in my nest by clearing out items that do not enhance our better selves. It’s easier to bring home compulsive purchases and feather up our nests, giving us a sense of false security or maybe a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, but does the item make us a better person? Since it feels we are lacking much needed support in our lives right now, I’m undertaking the arduous but much needed path of assessing all items in the nest and if in this instance in our lives they are not supporting or contributing in a meaningful way…well I bid you adieu little item. How many books for learning, toys for amusing, glasses for cheering, clothes and artifacts for adorning are not right for us in this instance? How about you any changes you would like to make in your life? Start with your intentions in your nest and if you are not in the middle of a purge like me and think something is missing in your nest that may complete you as a person then please leave a comment of what item that maybe…who knows I may just have what you’re looking for. Please respond quickly as I will remove items from my nest as I find them.

10 thoughts on “A Desolate Road

  1. People like Captain Nothing fear people like Papa Bear, because people like Papa Bear show that it is possible to get ahead and do well without resorting to cruelness or cheating. So the Captain Nothings of the world turn that fear into a power trip and try to make life difficult for the good, hard-working people, especially those who don’t look like them. At least that’s how I see it. Too bad we have a presidential candidate who acts much the way Captain Nothing does.


  2. Sometimes people are just mean and nasty human beings; and that’s it.
    Give Papa bear a big hug from me. All he can do is remind himself that he is right, and Captain Nothing is just a miserable and lonely asshole.


    • Thank you! I scrolled through some older photos to see the boys teeth and comparing them with the baby’s to see if she will be a candidate for orthodontic work. So far we are one out of three…let’s hope it stays that way. xoxo


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