Shark Tank

There are moments in our lives when we are thudded with bumps in the road that are uncontrollable, however, what is manageable is how we allow these challenges to affect us. After all, too many bouts of cortisol peaks to our system will eventually break us down physically and then we have serious problems to deal with. I have been meditating daily to keep those cortisol boosts in check. Hernandez HideawayIt’s a challenge when there is so much to think about…my mind can’t help but run with all those thoughts floating about. But through practice I guide my brain to be still, like a rock, and after a few deep breaths…focusing on breathing is key for me and instantly the tense shoulders drop and muscles in my face grow flaccid. Hernandez Hideaway 6Hernandez Hideaway 4We also have been enjoying the great outdoors, something about deep inhalation in the fresh open air. The beauty of nature is always a boundless distraction, magically unencumbering you from whatever is ailing you. Quail trailLadera ranch Papa Bear has been dealing with a lot of wrath for some time now on Wall Street and while this is not the first time, he has to deal with corporate bullies drunk with power, it’s still disturbing to see how people stomach the nonsense. As usual the bully is incompetent and while he physically doesn’t harm people in the workplace his words are just as brutal. Papa Bear doesn’t stand for it ever and will not let anyone degrade him be it with words, however, when the bully continues with such callousness and everyone stands around tongue-tied especially those in authority…well that’s just shameful. I’m so proud of our Papa Bear who won’t let any power-hungry, crass and worthless human being take away his pride no matter how many challenges the bully heaves at him. I can only send and wish for compassion for the bully, after all it can’t be easy living a life of fear and hatred, however, shame on those who are aware of the situation and have the power to transform the atmosphere to a more supportive and enjoyable workplace. After all, majority of us spend more time outside our nest in the workforce than anywhere else. Again it’s how you choose to deal with life challenges, you have a choice and our alternative option will be made if the situation isn’t rectified. In the meantime, the many, many notes that have been jotted down—trust me you can’t make this stuff up, are details worth sharing on the big screen. While Wall Street has its tenacious reputation and narcissistic characters, the highly regarded financial institute boasts its “commitment to integrity and high ethical standards in all that we do.” Their Code of Ethics “defines the standards of conduct that we expect from our directors, officers and employees to help us make the right decisions in the course of performing our jobs.” It’s clear, right? Crystal as a matter of fact, yet this megalomaniacal leader continues to fetter Papa Bear without any validation. Everyone knows it, everyone talks amongst themselves about it and now things have slowly escalated from little awry to downright preposterous. Agua chinon turkey vultures 3Aqua chinon  fire damaged sumac If the company wishes to continue to grow equivalently as it has done in the past with the history of modern finance, then it has an obligation not only to equality and respect in the workforce, but to its shareholders. When a leader has not accomplished any distinction from his peers or has nothing to offer his employees but tyranny while eluding his own responsibilities to challenge the intellect of Papa Bear who has countless accolades and a natural skill in management then it’s time to stamp out this clandestine way and drain the dopamine flow from the despot. Swath your swords valiant men that you claim to be and take responsibility and charge of the situation. You owe it to the people who work so hard to line your pockets and to your fellow shareholders. Oh yes, have we forgotten about those fiduciary obligations as well? Clients and shareholders’ rights warrant a leader that can trumpet his financial and managerial prowess to ensure that their best interests are considered. I can only imagine how Papa Bear is feeling…it’s universal for too many for too long now. Michael Ferguson of Missouri and the many others who have lost their lives because they were feared by the color of their skin and how many others who have endured not just ignorant words but brutal torture because their skin was darker than theirs. Crystal cove sand mural 2CC crustacean 4 “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” — Nelson Mandela. Now that’s a self-sacrificing characteristic expected of a leader, no matter what Mandela endured from those who hated him and for all the bloodshed he witnessed, he refused to succumb to the unfairness or let hatred permeate his soul. He reverently stuck to this belief and eventually he won the hearts and minds of his oppressors. It certainly wasn’t a smooth ride and I am sure there was not much glass clicking when he became president, in fact he continued to face tremendous hurdles. Nevertheless, he never lost his pride, and his spirit because of his noble leadership lingers still. Papa Bear as well has maintained his impeccably professional reputation despite his shackles and even more important his role in our nest could not be more significant. He juggles the boys’ crankiness and my Mediterranean passion (read: volatile emotions at times) so calmly and is able to iron out any of our immoderations effortlessly. He holds tightly to his pride for us…for that is the only way he wishes to face us. How does your stealth personality fair for you in your nest Mr. Bully?

9 thoughts on “Shark Tank

  1. It’s not easy.. life, people there is too much hatred in the world today.. too much ignorance. It’s more important now than ever before to be strong and proud to be different and teach our little ones the same.

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  2. I know exactly what he is going through; having been through it myself a few times.
    It is horrible, disillusioning and demotivating but we must never change who we are or stoop to the level of these people. I know my good friend will always hold his head high and find the light at the end of this dark tunnel, very soon…

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  3. I’m really disturbed to read what you have been going through, Cristine. And at such a happy time in your personal lives. I really admire how you acknowledge the stress and find ways to manage it as best you can. What you are describing sounds very much like workplace discrimination on top of just plain old cruelty, which is compounded by the silence of others. I have never worked in an environment where there was enough “power” from any one sector to give rise to bullying, but I have certainly been around long enough to know it exists. I’m horrified. I will lift a prayer that you all continue to find safe shelter in your sweet and growing nest–and that someone come to their senses and intervene in this awful mess! ox

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