Passage to India

It’s a kitschy name for a restaurant but it works—it lured me in and I couldn’t be happier to patronize this local establishment.With such a meticulous art of cooking from the hands of the chef to the hospitable service of the swift front-of-the-house staff, it’s impossible to expect a bad moment at Passage to India. I am convinced I have Indian blood flowing through my veins (it’s not such an astonishing thought, after all Alexander the Great rode his chariot across vast lands proclaiming his unprecedented empire of the ancient world into northwest India.) It’s my favorite cuisine boasting of robust flavors and the Bollywood dancing, well there isn’t any other way to get the party started than with hands in the air as if pulling mangoes from trees while shoulders shifting and knees bending up and down. I have patronized the modest business at least once per month since my great gestation, and no other Masala chai (in the area) comes close to theirs. The kettle provides three generous demitasses of sipping enjoyment for $1.99—it doesn’t get better than this. While on my last visit, the welcoming host cloaked in a polished all black attire took one glance at me and started luring me next to the buffet…of course where else would you plopped down a ravenous pregnant woman? Just the other day, a woman blurts out, “boy you sure have sprouted,” as I grasped my yoga mat, gym bag and purse while holding the door for her. I expressed to the young cheery host that I preferred my usual booth and before I could recline, I ordered my customary dish and drink. “Enjoy please,” he said as he placed my order in front of me. I savored every morsel as well as my little one within, wondering if she would love this dish as much as I have grown to when she is able to sling morsels of food into her mouth. I felt so contented yet tears rolled down my cheeks, I could at least blame it on the spice level even though I had learned to order mild after the first time daringly requesting medium. Their mild is still heavy handed on the heat, but nonetheless enjoyable and cleanses the system a bit. IMG_0612IMG_20150129_140520525

Pulling myself together, I carried home my leftovers, just as yummy the next day. This time no tears when I reheat and eat. I had just finished clearing the spider webs from the corner of the closet that faces west in my nest. I contemplated for months about clearing the webs. Since they were so high up I figured our friendly neighborhood spider would be content webbing across the beam eating a plethora of silverfish that I didn’t want gnawing holes into our clothes. Then it dawned on me…this is the bagua (a chart used to map the areas of a nest and determine where to locate objects and colors that represent the Five Elements) that represents Purity, Creativity and Children or Legacy. Spider webs represent being stuck and caught up, inhibiting you from moving forward as well as creating obstacles in the area it occupies. We have yet to acquire a sock for the little one and the crib…I have been joking it’s so overrated. Thanks to my big brother and my cousin, we do have the titanium strength car seat ready to go. Are there actual or emotional webs holding you back? Peruse the areas of your nest and do a clean sweep of the walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture to swipe away cobwebs and you will clear unseen obstacles holding you back.

12 thoughts on “Passage to India

  1. You always give me something new to think about! I just must contemplate my cobwebs. I’m sure I have both literal and figurative. And I love Indian food, too, but I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to heat. It’s so incredibly flavorful and I have a few favorites. I might just have to check out this delightful Passage to India. Great name! And your photos are wonderful, Cristine!


    • Happy cobweb dusting Debra, hope it frees your spirit, even though it seems you have quite a cheery one. I am sure you have some fine Indian cuisine your way, but if you happen to find yourself further south…I would be happy to join you for a flavorful dish.


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