Just Another Sunday

…at least in our nest. We have not watched one football game all year why start now? Instead, we started the morning with two impressive catches of the day at our neighborhood tide pool get-a-way, a visit to the farmer’s market and then some quiet time in our nest. Don’t get me wrong we love to hang out with friends in their nest on this grand old American Sundays of Sundays, but this year it happens to be just another Sunday for us. Besides, the big event in our nest was last night.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC Even though it was not as exhilarating as the commercials glorified the match for the last month, it was thrilling to see Anderson Silva back in the octagon. They forewarned him that he may not be able to walk again with his shattered lower leg prior to his surgery, yet his return and unanimous decision of his sweet comeback victory admonished that warning. While Nick Diaz, a formidable opponent, came out of the womb fighting and hasn’t stopped, I was cheering for the legendary Anderson. His name to begin with sounds imposing, if I was carrying a boy, his name would be Anderson. Last night, he not only demonstrated his honor but proved his inimitable athleticism and remained unruffled by the trash talking Diaz throughout the entire five rounds. Even when Joe Rogan inquired what was blurted from the mouth of Diaz, Silva sustained his diplomatic composure and eluded the question by stating what mattered was the performance that people came to see. So in honor of Silva’s seven years as UFC’s most dominate champion until his last kick in December of 2013 and now his victory to the mercurial Diaz, I offered my guests a special twist to our heirloom popcorn. SONY DSCSONY DSC When one of my guest asked why I wanted so fervently for Silva to win, I answered, “Because I am convinced if Diaz saw me on the street he would dare even little ole me to brawl.” Did you see his face? He also took a hiatus (even longer one than Silva) from the octagon, yet his face looked as if he was recently recovering from some neighborhood raucous. While I don’t have anything against being a little scrappy at times, Diaz’s goading never ends. Well this recipe is for you too Diaz, may you find a peaceful moment and enjoy a little spice in your bowl instead of on the street.


Heirloom Popcorn (made the same way Chef Snoopy does)

Heat oil in pan or pot depending on your needs
Add heirloom popcorn seeds and place lid on pot
Shake back and forth constantly until last kernel pops
Add butter, salt, pepper, paprika and some fresh squeezed lime
Serve and eat immediately.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Sunday

  1. I know nothing about American Football or Anderson Silva but I do know I love popcorn! This recipe sounds delicious – can’t wait to get my home ready and then I shall be making and eating this. For me there is nothing better than to spend a warm and cosy Sunday at home with family and some gorgeous treats like this popcorn. Lovely to get a glimpse of your gorgeous boys too.


    • Yes, UFC nights are always like this. Usually a shared meal with the wrestling coach and teammates then a snack for the main fight, and of course some silly reindeer games to end the evening. They really are such sweet boys…I think how they can related to competitions on the mats creates a special bond among the group.

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