In the Dark of December, the Magic of Christmas Prevails.

SONY DSCSONY DSCWe recently heard some not-so-good news and even though we are distressed, we didn’t let it distract us from providing our little ones with a twinkle of Christmas magic. In these shorter days of the winter solstice, we have learned another lesson that leaves the soul bruised and battered but not defeated. The thrill in our hearts as the boys darted through, across and beyond the outdoor aisles of fresh pines chasing the cinnamon-hued dogs that sniffed around the bottoms of the trees, valiantly restored our faith in this enchanting time of year. “What about this one?” my son points to the proud Douglas Fir that could have been the selection for Rockefeller Place. “Let’s keep searching,” I suggest as our shoulders brushed up against the aisles of Balsams, Nobles and Grands. So many firs, so little days left…is everyone doing this last minute like us? I imagine with our much welcomed rain recently, folks weren’t willing to comb vacant parking lots for their trees.

Here we were, a damp and brisk early evening under the twinkling stars, the official start of the holidays when the children toss their packs to the side for two weeks and start on this magical adventure…and it all begins with the tree. We all decide that the Grand Fir will be the one that will stand proudly lit in our nest. Her citrusy scent was irresistible to us all and the previous night’s rain that drew in slowly without thunder or hurry clothed the tree in dewy luster—she was pure delight. Dutifully, we brought her home and cherished the time spent together adorning our sparsely decorated tree, topped with the paper angel my eldest created in preschool.   And just like that with the flick of a switch, the magic streamed through the string of lights for the first time this year and lightened our hearts once again. Our appetites reminded us that it was time to enter the kitchen and as the dream team, together we mustered up some edible grub. The kitchen scene was just as playful as the decking of the halls we just accomplished. It reminded me of the Charlie Brown episode where Snoopy cooks for Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite clips…

check out his roundhouse kick as he pops kernels. My little one has just as much vigor in the kitchen and although I haven’t seen a roundhouse kick from him yet while he creates in the hearth of our nest…I have heard him singing, “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing cause everything is going to be alright,” as he flips pancakes. Sometimes even the youngest in the nest can put things into perspective. May the magic of Christmas be with you all no matter what life offers you at the moment. May you feel deeply refreshed, revitalized, and uplifted with many precious gifts like tolerance, patience, and compassion…and of course to all a good night!

9 thoughts on “In the Dark of December, the Magic of Christmas Prevails.

  1. Amazing what comes from the mouth of babes, isnt it? It’s like they’re tapping into something greater and bringing back a little of it to share when they do that. Yesterday morning, mine said “we’re going to Kaiser today, mom” and I said no, that our appointment wasn’t until Spring. He let it drop. Two hours later, the phone rings and yep, it’s Kaiser. Long story longer: we’re over at Kaiser that afternoon. We will keep you in our thoughts…courage!

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  2. I am so very sorry to know that there are deep and worrisome burdens right now. My heart really goes out to you, Cristine, and I just want you to know I care. Your boys are so beautiful and delightful and it seems you really kept your focus on making sure that they have your full attention and have had a wonderful Christmas despite other cares. I hope the burden is a temporary one. Peace. oxo

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    • Thank you Debra for your support. Yes, our wounds will heal and eventually the pain will subside and it was so nice to a have a great day like today to be together, even if in the back of our minds we worried a bit. It’s my favorite time of year to take photos of the boys…they just light up with excitement this time of year and it was comforting to go down memory lane with some past Christmas magic! Hope you had a wonderful one!


    • Thank you dear for your well wishes! Yes, taking time off during the holiday and enjoying our time together is helping, we hope to stay strong when our regular routine kicks in. Wishing you lots of joy and happiness in your new nest!


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