Something About a Bump

that commands the attention of most…a baby bump that is. SONY DSC Whether it’s the curiously fascinated gazes or the loving gestures and petting, yes people want to pet me, my husband thinks it’s because of the shaggy cardigan I sport on these briskly crisp winter days. He affectionately calls me Chewie (as in Chewbacca) when I wear it. SONY DSC Yes, the fringe has long wool tendrils—that’s what keeps me warm and a bit bohemian, its style, its comfort and it’s what I’m feeling these days. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC Besides my little guys who are obsessed with my ever growing belly, SONY DSC my belly dancing instructor loves to watch my bump and any choreographing my little-one-in-the-making does as I undulate and shimmy. Even the meter maid cut me some slack—one look at my belly and she told me “Do what you need to do.” I was in a three minute loading zone and I had to jet over one block to pick up my prepaid cheeses, as I explained to her. It’s quite empowering to know what my body and other mamas-to-be bodies are capable of…what I haven’t figured out is the lack of support from the medical team. When I visit, it’s all about statistics and you are aware that “bla, bla, bla.” Yes, of course anything is possible…can we focus on the positive, the encouragement and support I am going to need and how YOU should be providing me with ample amounts! I am aware that this institution we rely on for our health is prized with exceptionally advanced technology yet the liability that clouds the decisions and actions for what should be more of personal care and concerns for the patient doesn’t sit well with me. Yes, I know what could happen that’s why I will be at the hospital when the big day comes, but how about asking me how I feel the day of and whether I want to be on your technically advance bed when the time comes or if another position suites me better. You can keep your cranking, contorting bed that will never assist with the baby’s arrival as I lay on my back especially with my short mid-rise. No thanks, I choose the technique from Back Labor No More!! by Janie McCoy King, I have tried it and it’s mind-blowing. To all the mothers-to-be this is not only a must read but a must do. The author, a mother of four, thought diligently about her final birth and applied her math skills that transformed her experience. I cannot stress the importance of this little book. We apply mathematical equations for many things, why can’t obstetricians suggest this simple technique. Another absolute protocol that most medical teams not only promote but won’t budge with is the glucose drink. Check out the ingredients here. I don’t put sodas to my lips why would I down this toxic concoction? So when my team told me it was the only measure they are willing to use and that no one else questioned this…I scuttled frantically to find another team that would consider the health of both of us. I didn’t even have to do this or daily glucose tests So to all you mamas-to-be, may you leave a hospital tour without the heaviness of morose for what lies ahead. Search for that team that will provide you with minimal intervention if that is the route you desire…cheers to your empowerment and to being demur if you have to when it comes to attaining to the gestation and birth you envision. Happy nesting to all the babies in the bellies and may you be welcomed with much warmth and an abundance of love.

4 thoughts on “Something About a Bump

  1. This post really struck a chord with me. The last week of my pregnancy, they would ask me to drink orange juice to wake him up for the fetal monitoriing so I do think there are options and good for you for listening to inner voice and speaking your mind. It’s the beginning of advocating for this little one!


  2. I was so young and foolish when my children were born, Cristine, I didn’t know enough to even begin thinking the same kind of thoughts about my medical team as you are so seriously considering. I definitely would today, but “back then” (mid-1970s) there were also fewer diagnostic tools. You are so wise and such a careful mother and mother-to-be that I really admire you. I do. Your precious baby bump just makes me smile and it’s easy to see why others are so attracted to you. I hope you and your loving family continue to share wonderful warmth throughout the remainder of this holiday season, and I can already see that the new year is going to be a very special one. oxo


    • I am sure you did the best you could and what your were told by people whom you trusted. I hear that doctors would tell moms to smoke to take the edge off back in the days! I am amazed how much information is not shared…we are fortunate in this day and age to have access to so much information and to question everything and that alternative options are available. Thank you so much for your warm thoughts Debra and at least your granddaughters will have wise people like you to guide them along the way. We are looking forward to a happy and healthy New Year in our nest and I hope the same to you too!


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