At the Edge of the Day

Roses glow. Something about the edge of the day before our sprouts and blooms vanish into the dark night sky…something about that light, that aura that illuminates the embryonic, unfurling leaves and how the petals meddle with the light. Scattered particles like a blue halo bathing gracefully bending petals…a delicious state of youthful beauty! This anticipation and quiet dramatization of the day, this swelling heart of a child full of Spring and Summer memories aching with tension until the last hour of school breaks for that windowless session of learning…this is how cotyledons must feel after the first half of the year comes to an end.

Yes, we survived winter and now our universe is filled with great expectations that involve bare feet and exposed shoulders. This light gives me hope…for me after three quarters of the day is gone, I still need to be clever and energetic and somehow stir the imagination of my youngest bear. So as our home softly exhales the accumulated heat of the day with windows wide-open, waiting for the dark and it’s refreshing breeze, we prepare a mini-feast for a fika—a cherished break in the day to chat over coffee or tea and a home baked sweet. A Swedish tradition that reflects the thought of slowing down and to appreciate things we take for granted, like our connection to each other, our connection with nature and the universe. It’s a story, an endeavor to move toward each other, a simple “hej,” hello,” or “hola.”  Life isn’t simple but a fika can be. I’ve been making apple and pear crumbles lately for our fika’s…it takes a quarter of an hour to brown some butter and simmer in the fruit, top it with some forgotten granola tucked in the back of the cupboard and while it bakes prepare the tea or coffee. Baby Bear loves to stir in honey with her tea. I love how after a little treat, she heads to her little galley and prepares her meal while I, after a surge of caffeine and sugar, start the evening meal in the blue halo of light that envelopes my kitchen. How will you curate your fika?


8 thoughts on “At the Edge of the Day

  1. You paint a scene that is so restorative, Cristina. Lovely, lovely! What a special way to celebrate a little break in the day and to intentionally create a taste treat to go with that coffee or tea. The sunlight and warmth must be so welcome. It opens you up, doesn’t it?

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    • You are lovely to say such kind words dear Debra…happy you have joined us with our fika. It does feel restorative to sit and chat over tea, and yes that glorious sun does do wonders to the soul. Wishing you tea breaks in the days to come with plenty of sunshine.


  2. Love the idea of “slowing down to appreciate things we take for granted” and wish we could institute that as a law; especially in big cities!

    BTW – you should seriously think about food photography. Check out Skillshare for tutorials. You have a great eye. Love the way you lay out different elements in a really appetising and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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    • Thank you so much for your inspiration, your praise and suggestions…who knows maybe I’ll wonder down that path and savor moments on camera for us all to remember to honor the simple things in life. You are full of great ideas for the good of humankind, that sounds like a platform to run on…a designated moment of peace once a day, especially in your city where people move faster than the speed of light. Hope you find a few minutes today.


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