Take a Breath

Offered by the friendly winds; they traversed from faraway lands.Take a deep breath and pass it along with gratitude. Blow it across the inexhaustible horizon and let the moment take hold.

Recognize the things that will cause you much distress and ones that will bring you more delight…don’t drift away from the ultimate understanding, love.I’m giving myself lots of love. I’ve neglected myself for way too long and equally as important I am showing baby bear to indulge in some self-care routines.I’m hoping by sharing this knowledge with her, she will treasure the special time and commit herself to sit, really sit in the time ahead whenever she feels the need.

Hand in hand, we foraged for delicate bits of nature for our foot bath. Thanks to April and May showers, we’ve been blessed with opulent abundance, a jaunty state of vibrant beauty—shades of green, soft and tender hues bursting with anticipation.Tantalizing florets dancing in the water, still lovely to look at and even more delicious to breath in…they bring solace and hope. On wild land, naked feet…is there anything lovelier than a petal-infused bath to soak them in? Slowly connect with your senses and with the winds and their gathering essences of flora, foamy ocean waves and the hazy ban of light in the galaxy. Let’s live well together, all the more so in the context of imperfection and difficulty. Breath into it…take in the smell, the texture, the still thoughts. Commit yourself to slowing down, focusing on this one thing, let the moment take hold, it’s a special moment…it feels like taking care.


14 thoughts on “Take a Breath

    • Yes our surroundings made it feel that way indeed. Look out for aromatic florets while on a stroll with Maggie, clip some and use that pie tray that you never use to bake and pour some water into it…although we have tiny feet, you may need a larger vessel or do one foot at a time…enjoy!


  1. Everything from gathering the beautiful petals to making the foot bath is a wonderful sensory indulgence, Cristina. And you are certainly a good example to your little darling. They are never too young to begin to learn of the importance of some quality self-care! I hope spring is beginning to warm up and your outdoor time will increase! So good to hear from you and see your beautiful photos. Baby bear is just so adorable! 🙂

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    • Happy to have you indulge vertually with our Spring pampering Debra! Life is short, we might as well make it as sweet as possible. We are enjoying our sun-kissed days, thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes, I’m much obliged. Wishing you much playtime with your latest addition to your family.


    • It’s a gift to receive such kind words, thank you and thanks for stopping by my space for a little meditation. It’s difficult to find time to do the simplest of things…wishing you many minutes of solitude in between our busy lives.


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