Time, Cherished Time

Creating opportunities in intervals has been my motto for almost two decades now. I haven’t had a whole lot of intervals to myself during those times, although cherished, not much alone time. So while my schedule hasn’t been mine for … Continue reading

Strung Out.

Strung Out.

All a glow for our seasonal spiritual uplift somewhere along the edge of the woods. We’re still drifting over here from one steamy mug of tea to another trying to get used to the blast of wintriness that decked us. … Continue reading

The Unspoken

The Unspoken

And then she reached deep into the hurt, disappointment and difficulty of being human…you know the stuff we all feel but many of us don’t speak of but most certainly project onto others in some form or another. Perhaps in … Continue reading

My Kind of Cosmos

This scattering of asterisks not only intoxicated us with a cosmic aroma but incited musings of a new discovery…Bouchai, a combination of kombucha and chai. A little effervescent and a little spicy over a full glass of shaved ice by … Continue reading

At the Edge of the Day

Roses glow. Something about the edge of the day before our sprouts and blooms vanish into the dark night sky…something about that light, that aura that illuminates the embryonic, unfurling leaves and how the petals meddle with the light. Scattered … Continue reading

Strolling the East Side

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East of Hollywood that is. It was a day planned to get-a-way from the nest and simply do things not ordinarily in our daily schedule. My always-ready-for-an-adventure amigo and I, started out with an impromptu garage sale in Los Feliz, … Continue reading

Nesting off the Grid

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“I’m a dishwasher,” Guisepi says to the fifth and sixth graders sitting on the edges of their seats engrossed with their surprise visitor on a Monday morning.  Although Guisepi’s first job was a dishwasher, he wrote that off when he … Continue reading

When Your System Fails You

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Things happen and I follow with a trailer of belongings in tow again and some need of  soul searching.  I will vow to grant things to happen instead of the overwhelming feeling of the world upon my shoulders, my courage … Continue reading