Strolling the East Side

East of Hollywood that is. It was a day planned to get-a-way from the nest and simply do things not ordinarily in our daily schedule. My always-ready-for-an-adventure amigo and I, started out with an impromptu garage sale in Los Feliz, Emily Henderson and hubby were still waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive and welcomed all hungry chotski-seekers into their space. Our lollygagging cost us to arrive fifteen minutes after the doors opened and the queue for purchase curled around the driveway and into the palm-lined sidewalk—we were already too late for most items. Oh well, we didn’t have a care for anything special, simply enjoying our out-of-the-ordinary day. I handed Emily a book, Back Labor No More, by Janie Mc Coy King a must read for those who are expecting—got a great big warm hug and we headed for Silverlake via our comfy kicks. We stumbled upon Café Stella for a bite to eat and a delicious demitasse of Mariage Frères tea. Chatted with the kindhearted wait staff, caught up on weeks of our lives and slowly meandered to whatever would greet us next. The farmer’s market took us for a pleasant surprise and after some shopping there we headed for yet another queue of the day—Intelligentsia. A cousin of mine from Chi-Chi is fiercely in love with these grounds. A Chicago based coffee roaster and now privileged with a couple in Southern California, it was a delightful surprise to discover its presence instead of the ubiquitous five-buck brand I don’t care for. Founder, Doug Zell is committed to sustainable coffee farming as well as creating a beautiful gathering spot to enjoy quality coffee. IMG_3428IMG_3454 We entered its welcoming storefront under the magnificent rose-powered archway–a midwinter refresh, waiting in queue here was like discovering a little nugget of gold. The blue and white artisan tile under our feet gave us quite the visual and carved out a signature SL look that would make any designer’s heart melt. IMG_3447IMG_3489 To our right, the outdoor steps of the neighbor’s property were ornamented with colorful foliage that distracted our eye from the wait. And of course being among the diverse gathering in a well-gentrified community, well it just feeds my soul to see everyone being him or herself. IMG_3456IMG_3460 Sitting on bistro chairs enjoying a perfect cup of latte and sharing nuggets of intelligentsia with a dear friend…there will always be another reason to visit Silverlake. Sometimes a break from your nest and everyday routine gives you just what you need, only to come back to your loyal little space rejuvenated and gratified. Absence makes the heart fonder, I suppose now I truly understand the meaning of Home Sweet Home. Samasthiti all my nest dwellers.

9 thoughts on “Strolling the East Side

  1. My son and his fiancée live in Silverlake and have such a love for so many of these little bistros and coffee shops. I always notice how charming they all look from the outside, but haven’t been in too many! 🙂 I know they buy their coffee from one of the locations, and I wonder if it might be the same place. I’ll have to ask. Your little day of adventure sounds like so much fun! I do think breaks from our routine and exploring somewhere just a little off our daily path can make all the difference in recharging our batteries. I need to explore Silverlake a little bit more. I keep thinking we will, but we need to step it up while they still live there and can show us around a bit!


    • Do visit soon. Besides the Observatory and Griffith Park nearby, there is also the charming Spice Station, where your eyes and then your tummy can feast on almost any spice, or infused salt or sugars. Have a dish in mind when you visit the Spice Station or else you will be tempted to bring a lot of spices into your nest. Happy adventures.


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