Time, Cherished Time

Creating opportunities in intervals has been my motto for almost two decades now. I haven’t had a whole lot of intervals to myself during those times, although cherished, not much alone time. So while my schedule hasn’t been mine for some time now, I figured out how to invent little reprieves in the in- between-moments. An afterschool teatime combined with free-flowing flair as we both create in silence does a lot for our mental health. It’s just the antidote to consider before the next dash out to trail the schedules of active adolescents. Time can really be on our side if we are dedicated and disciplined. Next time you are feeling compressed with schedules, try incorporating an interest outside of work or studies within the agenda of your beloved dependent and stretch your mind and your little one’s in different ways. For when we fall silent into a cherished purpose, what’s inside us is a hip, hip hooray waiting to burst.

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