Summer Quench

Wherever we find ourselves, we take notice of the extraordinary in the ordinary. This distinct concoction, perhaps a twice and often times thrice a month treat, at our spot of comfort and otherwise wildly curious locale had us from our first slurp of our most beloved, black sesame vanilla iced matcha latte—it’s a mouthful to spout out isn’t it? Good thing we arrived at a place where everyone knows our name and our taste. Mercifully, they deliver. Akin to a warm snuggly hug, we feel the gratitude in the ordinary. Today was even more special as the nutty and caramelizing scent of roasted black sesame was detected as we pulled up curbside. Our lucky day to have sauntered in within this process of our favored summer beverage. A warm sweet breeze inviting us in with stretched out arms, good thing we got all fancied up for this special treat today.

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