You Gleamin’

I tend to get a little giddy when I see new blooms unraveling into miraculous precision, kind of like newborns… you can’t help yourself from lighting up in their presence. Pure, vibrant beings with nothing but authentic sentience and just can’t get enough of it to digest. New life, new beginnings for the little ones and new lessons for us older and often not-so-wiser ones. Babies arrive for this. We choose not to heed their tutorials and before we know it our babies are instead following us on autopilot, curiosity passing away without even a bereavement stage.

Flashing lightning storms under last night’s sky, were sure to bring out more gleaming blooms. I trotted out searching for more. Ever so sweet in a dewy state, my feet no more fraught and bound-tight in shoes, but bare and on loamy grounds. What other way to re-see and recharge but with toes free to loom between blades of the supplest most forgiving grass, even a micro-bite from a spider to enhance my spidey senses. It’s never too late…you can query the field of wonder all the wiser than you can google it. Happy musings to us all, young and timeworn and everything in between.

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