Enduring Summer

This blazing star seems to be sparking up the inferno of this past summer with an equivalently infernal fall comprising of kicks and tricks with her fuchsia ball. Still working to finite her skills as occasionally the ball flies off … Continue reading

My Youngest Enthusiast  

My Youngest Enthusiast  

An enthusiastic and avid explorer of life indeed, ever so grateful my little darling selects me to join her along her quests. What an honor to be finding our way through life side by side with her. What else can … Continue reading

Hearing Your Truth

Hearing Your Truth

Veiled beneath stretched and speckled clouds, a rising sun. Tucked in slender bending coastal covering, a feral cat on guard and grateful to be within terra firma. Behind my back, prints in moist sand. In front view, a vast ocean … Continue reading

Waiting, Watching, Rooting

Home. What makes it so sweet? Certainly not the square footage. The layout may enrich some harmony, but how we choose to live in it and how our home resonates with us and our surroundings makes a home as the … Continue reading

What a beautiful thing…

a few plates can become.  Especially when accompanied by special bottles and extra special friends. What a beautiful thing to keep to tradition. What a beautiful thing for an invite to a friend’s nest to share and be grateful for… … Continue reading

I Got the Midas Touch

in my hands this holiday thanks to a molecular Archaeologist who unlocked the ancient Asia Minor secret by analyzing residues from the largest Iron Age drinking vessels ever found from the tomb of King Midas. Forever grateful for his discovery, … Continue reading