Where the Rivers Meet.

The difference between a some-day home and a daily wonder home are the steps taken from your heart into your mind. The tenor of the waterfall, the tones of the wooded path, etched in the cells of your heart, mind and spirit, it all plays into the some-day. My some-day dwelling lacked some serious warmth, and with all those doubts it wouldn’t last. But I’m creating a new one and boy is it filled with a glowing warmth…one that I won’t let blow out.

Some call it the end, I prefer to coin it, the beginning with new friends all the more sweeter bringing in new cheers, new things in the making.

Let’s gather to give thanks down by the river where the roaring fall will catch our tears and transmute them into something beyond our wildest of imagination.

Let’s treck down the loamy hollowed grounds and gather down where the rivers meet to dream and imagine, to give gratitude and to adore one another, whose in? 

In lieu of my final days here, I’m all the more wiser to be standing with Red, she’s inspirational, she’s full of wisdom and grace. Beyond grateful that this some-day home of mine has actually been mine to call my sweet home that served to be beyond a wonder these last seven years and has protected my most cherished beings. Can’t believe the miracle I created at times…I carved out a space to create with loves that I created and somehow with all the bouts of angst & agony, I still believe in the warmth I so desperately chased to be on its mark, ready, willing, craving for my worthiness to appear. I will get my fill, for I had Red by my side and friends filled with honor magically appear and those precious ones created by my spark ✨️ will forever be filled with my light, one day they will remember and one day soon as I’m the last one out the door of this remindful dwelling I affectionately call Red, I’ll bellow out my blessings for you so that we may gather year after year at the feet of her sacredness where the rivers meet.

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