A Beguiling Sky

A Beguiling Sky

A Beguiling Sky We plonked ourselves on the grass from behind the linked fence to watch limber and sun kissed limbs in motion under this beguiling sky. Streaming rays dousing us with relenting candor deep into our cells not long … Continue reading

Shaking Up the Summer

Nothing tantalizes the palate like a summer pineapple oozing with juicy goodness. Sliced, muddled, chopped, blended, stirred or sinking your teeth directly into the soft, fleshy sweetness…this nectar of the gods never fails to disappoint. We’ve been blending it lately … Continue reading

“So far,”

says my speculative son in response to the question posed by the head of the school on his first day of a new school. His formative response to the question, “Do you like your new teacher?” intrigued me to investigate … Continue reading