To What Purpose?

A certain someone has fallen into a creative purpose of crafting potions that enhance the cleanliness of the nest while simultaneously perking up our humdrum spirit as the zingy scent lingers in the air. Recently, a new purpose has manifested within her playful days, after a particular road trip of frequently dallying at virtually all of a prevailing coffee spots that I haven’t patronized for over a decade. We filled our bladders swiftly with yet another mango dragon fruit iced tea for the next couple hours until after the third stop within less than a third of our way from our destination I had to call it quits on any more beverages lest we spend more time in the loo than on the road. We gathered a few more branded cups that came in handy for our personal barista’s play upon our return home. A different concoction for quenching our thirst and our abounding imagination in a flash. Middle bear joined in with his baking contribution and just like that our coffee shop was open for business. Our eager and well-underage barista greeted, appropriated orders vigilantly, generated drinks, served and rang up all orders with precision, professionalism and a bit of the twang heard from the side road stops. Her most prized cash register emplaced on the kitchen counter since we’ve been back…ready for the next customer at any moment. No doubt the past eighteen months have been more fitful than previous around here. But our personal barista’s vibes can turn the day around and her libations hit the spot on blazing hot summer days as we wile away hours outside rather than inside stifling rooms. We have favorably embraced the philosophy that specialty drinks are not strictly for weekends and road trips. Here’s to raising a toast to our health…to our choice.

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