Non Fumare

Nothing to win.Nothing left to lose.It’s time for that vice of yours break.Body always bruised,how ever will the spirit soar? Back where I left offbefore the pursuit,a half-bloomed flower, merely on my waypurely becoming myself.And in that season before incubation,clamped, … Continue reading

Wise Men Say

(Before we begin, all promises we break…)Driven by private conditioning biases, pre-ordained perceptions.steadfast to sensitivities, that what we don’t know, yet find fitting,in the name of our own conscious mind, conditions that seem to benefit the dissolving logosburning inside, conviction … Continue reading

Head of the Table

Head of the Table

for the craft queen. I couldn’t be more elated for I’ve reached consumerist dread sometime ago. So, for a creative fledgling to fill this space with ideas for merry making and simple festivities, especially in this time of year…well it … Continue reading