Wise Men Say

(Before we begin, all promises we break…)
Driven by private conditioning biases, pre-ordained perceptions.
steadfast to sensitivities, that what we don’t know, yet find fitting,
in the name of our own conscious mind, conditions that seem to benefit the dissolving logos
burning inside, conviction to vilify what we don’t find virtuously fitting
in the backstreets, love without intimacy
to enforce upon all else and beyond, an alleged plea
to see it as we do; not as it really is
a time to crown your head, or one to turn your eyes away
through that door tonight, don’t push me up against
because it’s all I am, sum of all your malaise conditioning
yet all I want is for you to rush in, to unset your heart well on its way to defeat.
running out, luck and time
in a tailspin, faithless you remain
heavy hand, no more weighing down on me
you think you’re done; you’ve just begun.

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