Non Fumare

Nothing to win.Nothing left to lose.It’s time for that vice of yours break.Body always bruised,how ever will the spirit soar? Back where I left offbefore the pursuit,a half-bloomed flower, merely on my waypurely becoming myself.And in that season before incubation,clamped, … Continue reading

So Much Goodness

So Much Goodness

And so much better to be done. You radiant one, there’s nothing dim about you, a flame in this world setting off flickers everywhere you stroll, huddled around this swelling bonfire where all hearts are still and entwined and in … Continue reading

If Only to Break from Rhyme

Down a rutted path, along dormant liana, beside the mucky river and near a bridge, I find stillness for the day. Within twenty to sixty seconds of exposure to nature heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, breathing regulates and brain … Continue reading