Head of the Table

for the craft queen. I couldn’t be more elated for I’ve reached consumerist dread sometime ago. So, for a creative fledgling to fill this space with ideas for merry making and simple festivities, especially in this time of year…well it not only swells my heart but motivates me to make my own creative edits about the nest. Can you spot the tweaks? I’ve been conjuring up a bit of reverence while adding a considerable amount of handmade magic during the holidays to create a special kind of merriment. So here we go to counter the widespread consumer messaging, make some room on any ole table and get crafting. This time of year can throw me personally. ‘Tis the season of feeling like a referendum on parenting over-all with the plethora of subliminal messaging and some not-so-subtle ones with traces of darkness instead of delight. But still, there’s wonder and want, biscuits and steamy mugs concocted and nibbled on with overwhelming Christmas lists…on this end, a wish for world peace and a fairy-winged costume adorned with plenty of sequins and even more sparkles. There are tears over the lack of and I’m learning to say job done well enough in these tough moments because in the end she will understand and may even be on the other end of the list one day. It’s valuable to remember that the holidays are like the other days. We do our darndest, we marvel at the resting sun, we wish we had a shiny new device, we reflect and we begin again. Happy beginnings to us all.

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