Tried and True

Please accept my apologies for this non-July recipe. It was a request from a special person for a special day, so cardamom clouds in July here we come. While we are normally beach-combing this month and discovering an interesting rock or two and are even happy with yarrow fronds that resemble feathers, this July we are getting messy with powdery sugar.

Even in the summer these clouds command you to stand and admire their snow-like beauty. They are created to be nibbled down to the last nutty bite with traces of white powder irresistible to a moist finger for swiping and licking. Turns out cardamom clouds in humid nearly ninety-degree July was just as joyful and celebratory as in December. Even if a little dusting drifted into exposed belly buttons, they were just as irresistible in the sunshine. Here’s the tried and true recipe when I originally posted it here…enjoy again!

9 thoughts on “Tried and True

    • They are made up if a few simple ingredients, but such a great combination to enjoy. I hope you have a chance to try them. Happy July to you as well, enjoy what little is left of it.


  1. Thank you, yes I think you are right about starting a new tradition, time will tell. Why yes, that is a cat on the white chair, have you missed him or his sister in other posts?


    • I’m so happy that the cardamom clouds transported themselves to your taste buds, I hope you get to try them and somehow transport you to a cooler temperature. We’re back to terribly hot weather again today…at least you have the ocean, enjoy for us too please.

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