Chilled, Not Stirred

What’s in the fridge series? Is it a series if this is merely the second post? You gotta start with one, two has arrived with this square even if the first didn’t mention a sequel and soon enough there may be a third—a series in-the-making. Down to the basics this summer with the usual things at hindmost yet discernible and accessible and more favorite condiments tucked in the clear cases of the side doors for swift plucking and plunking. The dreamiest eggs along with the creamiest milk as a side rider on the door shelf are a must. Nancy’s brand, a velvety indulgence adding a delightful zing to your food pairing; nuts first to soak, then to create a buttery treat with or sometimes a handful for snacking; something pickling; something blossoming. ‘Tis the season for flower heads and fruits of the gods of all sorts—I’m afire for these saffron-hued blooms…what’s on your chilled shelf?

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