On Becoming Noble

But now,
summer skies and fireflies
fluttering in the North Node
No one is worthier than anyone else in this world,
merely reflections of you, divine emanation of you.
All equally titled; let’s boon and declare
under the red light of that giving star
flowing simultaneously from afar
fractal, in direct expression
FUNctional movement with cyber pals on red and sacred grounds.
Set yourself free within the element of wonder.
This is the reflection…and we are its absorption,
move more wisely and be more noble, we have arrived.
Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear
those quarks exist and endure to muse, not bemuse.
In the making, no turning back now.

I’m not into weights, never was and after hearing this edified soul speaketh during physical training “it’s not always about the weight, sometimes it’s the amount of voltage you can push through your body,” – @benbnoble well, how can you not be intrigued to try a workout with Mr-Be-Noble. You’d be hard-pressed to find a fitness trainer who not only recognizes that the heart, via it’s electromagnetic beats, is a dynamic marvel but connects those elysian rhythms to the visible movement enhancing the unbounded upshot of not only your body, but your nervous system, your mind and therefore your reality. It’s all about evolving; it’s what we came here for. What nobler way to shape your divine system and to harmonize with the mystical symphony of it all…intent, flexibility, integrity, balance, endurance and strength all the while procuring energy and working through tension with grace–that gifted prize we abandon in forgotten prayers. Projected proposals from the usual suspects aren’t on our side, get noble already.

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