Saw You Standin’ There With a Smile

Half a century of memories seems like a blink of an eye, or a stroll down the road like this ole fella recently did (to read about her escapades scroll down twenty squares ago.) I look at this photo and think, hasn’t the journey been interesting? Mind blowing to me to not only have survived in this form but now at the brink of it all and willing and able to be blown away even more with what’s in store. A stroll down memory lane to appreciate the process and gear up for the unknown isn’t so easy-going, however all the more comforting to know it’s in the way we lead our lives as Ms Henry so bravely demonstrated.

“Come on, baby, let’s get away.
Let’s save our troubles for another day.
Come go with me we’ve got it made.
Let me take you on an es-ca-pade.” – Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis & Janet Jackson

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