Carried and Ever So Cherished Wisdom

I spot them everywhere within Red and even out here sky beams delightfully dancing upon her redwood planks whilst dazzling me with their seductive saltation. It just takes a few minutes of gazing to become mesmerized, besotten and immersed deeply into a meditative trance…all is good, all is more than good, I’ve got dazzling, dancing speckles surrounding me, heralding all the marvels and wonders to behold. So long as the sun emerges from the horizon and so long as we open our hearts to this marvel of light source, we’ll continue to be illuminated in grace, continue to transmit ancient wisdom to be cherished in our hearts and rediscover and re-experience it all in the universal language of nature. It’s the returning of miracles and magic, so long as conditions aren’t getting in the way.

“…the amorous, the glamourous
a kiss, a fist
Listen to this oh
Get out of your own way,” –U2

So many of us preach what we need to hear, myself included, but it’s an extraordinary expression, non?

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