Vol plané

In a brief slit of solitude, I gazed up at the slender timbers that stretch toward the sky. Half barren, vulnerable yet still and reverent, I search the sky for answers. There must be some up there. The shifting clouds have unwrapped a vast amount of space; surely the heavens can deliver answers from all that space that we don’t know what to do with. In quiet moments, my eyes rest. The times I still my mind are the most precious.For when chaos, uncertainty and hate scours across the hillside, it’s those silent flashes that give me strength and revitalize my broken spirit. A special potion helps too.Taking time for oneself by applying an out-of-the-ordinary mask is a special way to thank every part of your being for functioning the way it’s meant to. The process alone is therapeutic and a friendly reminder that yo’self matters.Then for the best part, sit and relax. Dare not to scrub those last few dishes, dare not to pick up the trail of clothes left behind by other members of the nest, sink into a lounge chair or better yet your bed, and if you are lucky slip into a warm bath. Eyes closed and think nothing. Imagine yourself whisked off into those frothy clouds. Vol plané in a brightening sky along with feathered friends chirping sweet melodies. Surround yourself with the egalitarian clouds free of judgement, free of hatred simply carefree and precious as any other cloud and whisper away any dark thoughts that invade this daydream of yours.  Once again, Annmarie Skin Care has gifted me with not only a vital tonic, but the tools that allot me my stillness. Forever grateful to the tribe at Annmarie Skin Care for their hard work for things worth doing…things worth time on this earth. They went at it again, with a meticulously formidable effort in alchemy to craft a powerful blend of aloe, licorice root, uva ursi, steeped in Colorado mountain wildflower honey, organic turmeric along with marine extracted pearl powder swirled into a luxuriously rich moisturizing treatment.Together this high antioxidant content deeply soaks through your pores nourishing every part of you leaving you rejuvenated, refreshed and hydrated. My little bear was seduced by its shimmer and sweet licorice scent.

For all of this week’s loveliness, the third week of November deserves a seasonal treat for hands, cheeks and other bits that bare the frosty air. A salve or thick gooey castor oil is eternally at my side applying and reapplying a protective layer, retaining moisture and soothing chapped skin. A fatigued face? That deserves Illuminating Pearl Mask. Like other inventive blends of herbs in tinted vials I have received from Annmarie Skin Care, it was received with good cheer and a reminder that the team of beauty enthusiasts continue to purify a toxic industry for the sake of our skin in need of gentle soothing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making honest, wild and beautiful magic. Know anyone whose skin and soul is in need of a little self-love? Take a peek at their other elixirs, serum; essential oils; earth minerals; sample kit.


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4 thoughts on “Vol plané

  1. You provided respite from the noise just reading this post, Cristina. Your photos are beautiful, as is that darling little girl! I love the way you describe Annmarie Skin Care and I must read again about the wonderfully pure products. It truly sounds like skin therapy! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderfully warm in family and spirit, although the outdoors looks cold. Beautiful, but cold! 🙂 Warm hugs sent your way, my friend.

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    • Happy to hear my space was able take you away Debra. We all need a little respite and we all can help one another getting there. I’m forever grateful for your kind words and hope some of our moisture comes your way and have you breathing clearly and lightly. Yes, it’s skin and soul therapy indeed when a company is committed to pure ingredients in a polluted industry. And yes the time off with family and friends was much needed, hope it was for you as well.


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