A Little More Softness Please

A Little More Softness Please

Wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps we are getting there… Sharpened, waking edgesand stirring sleeping ones.Mates connected with entwined roots,if only recollected.Revive the dream with a palm pressed against wet rocks,or on bended knee, graciously, softlyupon the plush moss of a quieted … Continue reading

Vol plané

In a brief slit of solitude, I gazed up at the slender timbers that stretch toward the sky. Half barren, vulnerable yet still and reverent, I search the sky for answers. There must be some up there. The shifting clouds … Continue reading

Too Much of A Good Thing

Is there such a thing? At almost 7:30 pm, sunlight; it did take some getting used to waking up an extra hour earlier to enjoy a little more play before supper. In an opaque tiny vile, an elixir for the … Continue reading