System Recalibrating

I’m not exactly sure how these scabs came about, consciously I can’t recall any instant where I felt pain or anything that I may have done differently for these to appear. Heck, I can’t even pinpoint the moment they appeared. … Continue reading

A Touch of Rose

Pourquoi non? Although I’m not skilled in the least with anything to do with makeup, I do on occasion add a touch of rose, a wee bit of an enhancement. Anything I do apply blends into my skin within a … Continue reading

Restorative, Reviving and Nothing Mysterious

It has taken me some time to come around and find a routine to care for my face. Through some matter of folly, I’ve developed a solid routine and stuck to it. Focusing a bit of time for myself and … Continue reading

Too Much of A Good Thing

Is there such a thing? At almost 7:30 pm, sunlight; it did take some getting used to waking up an extra hour earlier to enjoy a little more play before supper. In an opaque tiny vile, an elixir for the … Continue reading