A Touch of Rose

Pourquoi non? Although I’m not skilled in the least with anything to do with makeup, I do on occasion add a touch of rose, a wee bit of an enhancement. Anything I do apply blends into my skin within a not-so-ambitious-time frame, merely a few hours. Natural products sans synthetic ingredients are just that and biologically they don’t stick around forever. Adding something that requires anything more than a light scrubbing to erase from my face doesn’t seem genuine, neither is the pristine and flawless look…it’s concealing and I ain’t got nothing to hide. Ironically, what has been flashed in our faces like blinking neon lights at a rave, our unfitted bodies and minds, woe are we without the guidance of the prophesies which lure us into such fallacies. And yet these false persons who by melancholy cast us into diseased fears and scrupulosities, are not only uncapable of their ways of trial but also are uncared-for any peace on earth. It’s easier to prate the stories told from timetables past and those continued to be retold in cleverly crafted grandiose practice than to think and discern or to grapple with the bedlam in order to open up the heart. What I hold is what I am. What I carry, I offer to others. What it takes? Moments of stillness, surrender, self-love and selfless service. It’s when you realize the falsehoods that you brought about and believed about yourself and once grasped from such tales that you begin to expand. Fear is not to be ignored but challenged and elevated into higher harmonics in this symphony we call life. What a time to be alive with clarity and a raging heart for love… be grateful you embody both and celebrate it however way you choose. A touch of rose when gloom seems to be falling from the skies does it for me.

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