Born to Stand Out

We weren’t made to fit in, we were born to stand out. Time is so compressed these capriciously peculiar days; I can’t think of a better opportunity to take this on. What seems magical is fairly straightforward here, we are so perfect in form and function, yet we lack the confidence and bargain all our trust to the farce priesthood bejeweled with creeds that conspire to keep us diseased, distracted, disempowered and dysfunctional. I’m not nearly the first human to know this but I cannot help but share this bit of perception. I’m putting it all on the line for it…that’s how exciting it is, this new existence. The ground has never been more fertile, anchor your roots and tap into that wilderness for guidance. You are not only capable but worthy of it. Courage to us all in these discoveries we call life. Overcome your body’s limitations, your fears and ultimately your mortality. Be inspired by your environment, mother nature is going for her unfailing richly textured details this season and this pickup is teaming up with tonal harmony of the moment, aiming for something that would be at first glimpse seemingly engaging to invite a closer look, but then down several streets and an alleyway there’s another one parked on a patch of grass as well. Thought provoking perhaps at a glance, but day after day its appeal diminishing into the milieu. What to do now? Anchoring our love, our integrity and living and sharing our authentic gifts. Holding our ground, defending our beliefs, taking on the challenge and delivering it with rightness, virtue and heroism…the right to do what we ought. Like the upcoming season of chill, you may gradually grow at ease with feeling frost through your bones knowing it will make you hard-wearing or making Spring all the more sweeter, but until then the storm is upon us and we need all the help we can honing the spirit, for nothing stands out more than your spirit.

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