Afternoon Stillness

If only for a moment, the sun squeezed some rays into our 3:30 pm reuniting space, at least a few days of this week. Orphaned glasses sometimes from the night before, some half full and thumb marked, greeting this afternoon blast of sunshine…what a gift, charging its electrons with the coding for our knowing. A quick snack and back out to kick a tattered ball around or for tiny feet to pedal fast and furiously down the street, you know because all that pent up energy restrained all day behind a desk. And full deep breaths from the wild to reverse and restore the death trap nappy swathed over their breath of life. A reversal of the reversals of sorts…only resplendent energy allowed around here for the sake of it all. Things may not be of our fault, but they are upon us and how we choose is what makes us, us. Don’t underestimate the wild in you and pretty, please stop contending it, it will only fetter your life more. What if the most important position a human can bestow is to be playful and be in a good mood? Oscillate higher. Play more. Be more. See more. Feel more. Know more. Love more. Radiate more.

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