Keeping it Cool

Keeping it Cool

Fractured no more, intrinsic knowing,from each other, a rift closingfalse authoritative power, endorsed no morescaffolding of dependency, collapsingbeaming from above, gilded lighthands of love, reachinghearts, a mendingmindsets set forth, transparenttaste buds, tantalizing. Oh, what a little cacao in an icy … Continue reading

Restorative, Reviving and Nothing Mysterious

It has taken me some time to come around and find a routine to care for my face. Through some matter of folly, I’ve developed a solid routine and stuck to it. Focusing a bit of time for myself and … Continue reading

Summer Leaves

Dine out while you still can before summer leaves with her light. We still prone to dine al fresco in our nest when possible (I always favor the outdoors, less cleaning.) While breakfast would be preposterous outdoors these early-to-rise school … Continue reading

A Leaf Can Be.

A lot can happen in a day around here, a two-hour school delay because of the flakes that accumulated overnight but not dense enough of a blanket to last late afternoon due to rapidly rising temperatures that still warn us … Continue reading