Restorative, Reviving and Nothing Mysterious

It has taken me some time to come around and find a routine to care for my face. Through some matter of folly, I’ve developed a solid routine and stuck to it. Focusing a bit of time for myself and sometimes with Baby Bear at my side—why should she wait half her life like her mama to discover that a little care for oneself is soothing to the body and soul and oh so nourishing to the skin. She is enamored with my routine and everything I apply is gentle enough for her supple skin too.
Not only am I absorbing nutritive ingredients through my pores, I’m fostering kindness to my body, to hers and to the planet. In many cases, I brew up my own concoctions from whatever is lolling behind my refrigerator or kitchen cupboard doors. After all, your skin is your largest organ and whatever applied is absorbed into the bloodstream. “Do you have honey face on,?” Baby Bear asks. “Yes,” I reply. What I have been sticking to lately is a little honey, a little turmeric and a little swirling into my palm and onto my face neck and décolleté all while I finish scouring the kitchen. Left on for sometimes over a half an hour, after scrubbing the counters, I throw the towel into the washing machine and head up for a rinse before bedtime. My honey-turmeric method is cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory without wasteful packaging. On occasion, I am sent a tincture via a recycled brown envelope and I can’t wait to indulge in a bit of wild-craft luxury housed in recyclable cardboard chambers. This week I received a Charcoal Cacao Mask—just what I needed…some help in the de-congestion area.While I have been demonstrating more of an effort in my much-later-in-life routine, (better late than never as they say) I knew I could benefit from a concoction that might otherwise yield further time in creating but with the same power of nature behind it nonetheless. While I have been sighting more thoughtful products on shelves without toxic ingredients, I also have grown more discerning with what I ingest or what my skin does, and I won’t compromise on this matter. As I grow more fastidious in my older and wiser years, I seek a tribe with its branding that has kept its word, Annmarie Skin Care with its simple yet direct message, honest.wild.beautiful. I was elated to read the nothing but good stuff in the Charcoal Cacao Mask, sent my way as a press sample, however, opinions and experiences are all my own. With a twist of the cap, the aromas of rosemary, lavender and lemon tea tree instantly switch your settings to alive and refreshed.

Keep the cap off while you shower and allow the steam to infuse with the wild-crafted goodness. After your pores open, apply a generous amount to face, neck, décolleté and don’t forget the tops of your hands. Take a few deep breaths while you think positive thoughts and relish in this time for you. It’s fifteen minutes, a fourth of an hour of your 24-hour day. Don’t cheat yourself not even for a minute. When you finished with your happy thoughts, rinse with a warm towel, take a few more breaths and wipe off. Follow-up with your preference of a moisturizer and lay your head to rest. My alimentary focus on wild-crafted tinctures in combination with my committed care routine has been nothing short of luscious and my protégé is much obliged for the potion that she lavishly smears across her face. “Mmm lemon,” she says eagerly before she paints the back of her hand. The cooling botanicals are intriguing to her, I’m enthralled with how emollient my skin feels after the rinse. It would be a crime to confine this mask’s purpose to just the face. I’d love a few moments to myself covered from head-to-toe in the Charcoal Cacao Mask followed by a steamy Vishy shower and finished off with a massage…a girl can dream, can’t she?

8 thoughts on “Restorative, Reviving and Nothing Mysterious

  1. You have such lovely and pure routines for your skin, Cristina. And it’s even a better story when you remind how you’re setting an example for your precious daughter. I was just saying to mine the other day that when I was a young mother and well-beyond, no one ever talked about self-care. That seems a relatively new term for something that has always been important, and more often neglected. I like the reminders you’ve shared here, very much. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Thank you Debra, it’s been a long time coming. Yes, mothers and women’s roles are evolving thankfully. I think taking time for oneself especially a mother has been perceived as shelfish, but we are all humans with same basic needs and can all enjoy a little self-love here and there. It certainly makes me a better mother feeling good about myself. I’m delighted to share my story and happy to hear you enjoyed my reminders. Take care and wishing you and yours courage this Thanksgiving.


    • Yes, just lock the door and put up a sign, mama will be out when she’s ready. Then use a bribe technique so they actually don’t scream to let them in. hope you get a chance for a 15 minute get-a-way, dare I saw 20 minutes.

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