A Kind of Blue

A Kind of Blue

Sip, savor, take note and repeat. It’s what I usually do with this cup filled with a nuanced, creamy, aromatic brew that is nourishing on so many levels. Today it’s especially magical for it’s a glow with an aura of … Continue reading

A Little Saturation

A Little Saturation

While many strive to be A-listers in an inverted and dystopian realm, this Queen is emblematic of our existential potential. And after several sporadic rainstorms, a little saturation elevates her elegance to a scene stealer…nature nails it every time. And … Continue reading

In Times Like These

when rain falls hard on empty streets but it’s satisfactory because the florists are all closed and there are no more parties to go. In times like these, baby bear is thrown into relief by choosing the same terry cloth … Continue reading

Restorative, Reviving and Nothing Mysterious

It has taken me some time to come around and find a routine to care for my face. Through some matter of folly, I’ve developed a solid routine and stuck to it. Focusing a bit of time for myself and … Continue reading

Too Much of A Good Thing

Is there such a thing? At almost 7:30 pm, sunlight; it did take some getting used to waking up an extra hour earlier to enjoy a little more play before supper. In an opaque tiny vile, an elixir for the … Continue reading

A Tincture of Goodness

    Yippee…another box from Annmarie Skin Care! Inside the last package, I enjoyed samples of earthy extracts for cleansing and moisturizing and now the contents of the box was filled with makeup—their latest line of products. I was over … Continue reading