In Times Like These

when rain falls hard on empty streets but it’s satisfactory because the florists are all closed and there are no more parties to go. In times like these, baby bear is thrown into relief by choosing the same terry cloth shorts and matching hoody four consecutive days (as am I for doing less loads.) In times like these, deliveries plop onto our doorstep more frequently and keep baby bear entertained for hours (the boxes, not so much the contents.) It’s no doubt, while we are figuring out our new ways and how to protect ourselves and others while working and caring for our families in the confines of our nest, the minutia of our days will bewilder and exhaust us and categorically test our limits. But accumulating strength and courage, day by day is how we manage the fluidity and uncertainty of this sinewy virus that has taken hold of our thoughts our actions and for some, our bodies. Some self-care and much love go a long way in making the heart stronger which in turn radiates onto others. A gift from Annmarie Skin Care provided me with some solace at just the opportune moment.

A variety of samples arrived and who but baby bear to assist. But first with nowhere to go, we ad-libbed in some play with the pocket-sized pods.We matched and counted by colors and after we exhausted our numbers game, we moved onto our geometry lesson and created shapes. We resumed with counting, but this time in Spanish, then English and back to Greek. Then we named all the colors in our multilingual game.You get the picture, with a lot of time on our hands and the weather to our advantage, we perched on top of our deck and enjoyed our latest novelties. I’ve extolled the virtues of Annmarie Skin Care before and written praises of the many nourishing and comforting formulas wild-crafted from nature. In short, Annmarie Skin Care isn’t just another skincare line. These champions of holistic and wellness-oriented lifestyle make decisions and take action that align with core values that remain respectful to the environment and our health. Determined and devoted from the start to maintain the purity and simplicity of nature, the founders, understanding the patterns and symmetries of nature so aptly coined the term, honest, wild and beautiful. Nothing more needed. And if there is anything that we shall appreciate from this silent spring, it’s our sense of her beauty.This current furor, COVID-19 has taken us by storm and is not to be underestimated. However, the power of Mother Nature’s cues is unmistakable. Humans are part of the natural world and what we do to nature we do to ourselves. What we consume and apply on our bodies directly effects our health and well-being. Making better choices in our lifestyle, in our nest and our work…it’s something we all can work harder at. Listening to the world…there couldn’t be a more auspicious time than now. Wishing you a discovery of truth and beauty in your stewardship.

12 thoughts on “In Times Like These

  1. Yes! listening to nature is our duty now. We have been forced to stop and pay attention to our actions, and now it is up to us to learn or continue with business as usual.
    Hope all is well in you nest. XO Paula

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    • Yes, a little-not-so-friendly reminder, this needs to be reinforced by institutions and our leaders. Another lesson about gratitude and making the best of any moment.Thank you for your care and yes all is well here in our nest even though my youngest miss playing with friends. Wishing you healthy vibes!


    • Thank you…uplifted by your kind words and so happy to hear you are fairing well. Enjoy your last, albeit unplanned destination on the waters…at least for now, right?


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