A Tincture of Goodness



Yippee…another box from Annmarie Skin Care! Inside the last package, I enjoyed samples of earthy extracts for cleansing and moisturizing and now the contents of the box was filled with makeup—their latest line of products. I was over the moon to be able to try them before they hit the market. Was this serendipity? I raised the question of crafting a makeup line after I encountered Annmarie and discovered that their products were veritable because the founder is as fastidious as I am when it comes to pure ingredients. I asked and I received…I had been on the hunt for a tinted moisturizer for some time now and voila…right at my doorstep was my sweet little package. SONY DSCA couple of extra steps to add to my existing skin care routine, but well worth it to achieve a tinted glow using non-toxic multi-purpose foundation finally! I tap a little pearl mineral and a little sand mineral with a few drops of herbal facial oil into the palm of my hand and blend it. Applying to the face also requires some further blending but this is the opportunity to do your daily face massaging to stimulate your skin and encourage cell renewal. So clever and now I can adjust my moisturizer to the season or to the occasion. Sun-kissed a little more than the dreary winter months? Simply add a touch more of a shadier mineral powder to your usual combination. For a special occasion supplement a little more mineral powder to your face for a flawless finish, or should you find yourself in front of the lens…include a simple step by brushing on dry powder for a matte finish. SONY DSC


SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCDo you crave natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients…are you interested in inviting Annmarie’s good health and skin care into your nest? Kindly request your sample kit here

10 thoughts on “A Tincture of Goodness

  1. I have much older skin than you, Cristina, so I do like a little more coverage, but I do value the natural products. I’m always trying this and that and don’t land on anything very long. I think I’m looking for a miracle. LOL! I do admire how dedicated you are!


    • I am a dabbler and trying this and that as well…mainly I use my nose and if it doesn’t smell right I won’t dare put it on. I think we are all looking for that miracle but in the meantime massage and give your skin some love with healthy minerals and oils.


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