More Than You Like to Think

SONY DSC Unfortunately this statement applies to food we pop into our mouths and a variety of products we apply to our epidermis. We deserve to know precisely what we are eating and to pamper our largest organ with truly natural and chemical free solutions like wild lavender, mint and rosemary. Chemist are unfortunately allowed to use unnatural preservatives or additives in products and still not be obligated to inscribe it in the list of ingredients as long as whatever was added was under a certain amount. Thankfully, I have done my share of reading by Naomi Wolf and have never bought into the beauty industry. Pay big bucks for products that contain formaldehyde, phthalates, paraben and mineral oil which have been linked to cancer, birth defects and hormonal disorder–no thank you! I am forever obliged to courageous warriors like Annmarie Gianni who create their own honest line of skin care products. It’s definitely not the fast and furiously easy route of creating a financially successful company. Many business choices recourse to unscrupulously fabricating a synthetic mixture that adheres to their company’s bottom line. SONY DSC It takes an unsung soldier in our discerning age of greed and abandonment of moral or environmental consequences like Annmarie Skin Care to dauntlessly strive for the holy quest of ingredients despite strides and tribulations all in the name of good health. When I received my organic, natural and wildly-crafted goods from Annmarie Skin Care, I couldn’t wait to apply them on my face. The samples sizes were the size of tea light candles and fit perfectly into my candle. SONY DSCSONY DSC Stowing them so artfully while at close proximity to my vanity enhanced the spa-like feeling of using the products. SONY DSC The scent of the products whisked me away me into a euphoric state—instantly I preferred this aromatherapy option of quality goodness while looking refreshed. Open your nest to the world of ancient discoveries…certain blends of natural oils and extracts can preserve products just as effectively as their chemical counterparts. SONY DSCSONY DSC I invite you to try a sample kit and test them out yourself. I cannot wait to welcome more of these effective and fragrantly divine products into my nest.

15 thoughts on “More Than You Like to Think

  1. Hi, Cristina! Another great post! Sam wrote the boys last month at the address you gave me over the phone. ŒHope the boys got it. Are you looking forward to Halloween? We put a graveyard in the front yard and will do more this weekend. Have a great rest of the week, Trish


    • Thank you! Yes it was a pleasant surprise how they fit so well, always thinking about re-purposing. Our bathroom is our relaxing retreat…I love how our landlord once again incorporated nature into the space. Happy healthy eating and applying!


  2. This is such an interesting line of thought, Cristina. I admit I haven’t given the chemical analysis of my cosmetic products much thought–I can’t honestly say why I haven’t! You’ve challenged me to do some research into what I use and then to think about possible alternatives. You’ve given some good references and I’ll definitely see what I can learn. Thank you for a thought provoking post, Cristina. I’m interested! And I love the way you’ve put the little pots out so artfully! You have such a good eye!


    • Thank you Debra for your interest and your kind words. Please do read labels and research, however, don’t get too discouraged with what you discover, they are some good hearted health conscious business people out there–you just have to look harder.


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