Little Starlight, light of our life–

a candle of burning faith,
unseen and unknown.
At night and alone you flicker to the beat of my heart.
Your starlight beams reign upon us and illuminate our darkened paths.
Tiny Starlight awaken our souls,
helps us to grow
lead us to the path of wisdom.
Just as every garden has a nest for its birds,
so do our hearts have a special place for your light.
Shine your inspiring beams like a spring rainfall
and we will pray to begin this song from the start.

I wrote this about a decade ago and when I came across it recently I thought of my visit to Villa Rockledge. A remarkable gem of a property on the California Riviera, however, one that I sensed a bit of somberness as I traipsed its grounds. Still up for grabs for a mere $30,000,000 (no that is not a typo as you can see for yourself on Zillow) it was built by the renowned developer Frank Miller of the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA for a voracious lifestyle consumer in Laguna Beach.

Cheers to fresh starts!

6 thoughts on “Little Starlight, light of our life–

  1. A very beautiful and meaningful poem, Cristina. Combined with the beautiful images it is very moving. I have never heard of this particular house…can I even think of it as a house? Wow! I love the Mission Inn, so I am sure this is a very impressive structure. But how can anything be worth that much? I would sure love to see it. 🙂


    • Thank you kindly for your praises Debra. If you are ever in the neighborhood, 2529 South Coast Highway (South Laguna) just pop on by as we did. It was one of our walks with the Laguna Nursery and Rubin as usual just strolls right in (he did ask the landscapers if we could take a peek.) The photo’s were taken back in the Spring when they were doing some work, it looks like this gem is ready for it’s new owner. I hope you get a chance to take a peek as well.


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